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1921 boeken gevonden
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( BOECK, de, Felix). FELIX DE BOECK, kalender st gen. rode drukkerij demol. ringband 12 maanden 12 afbeeldingen in kleur 1925-1980 data ? 1985 ? socaril Boeknummer: 45256 | Prijs: EUR 10.00 In winkelwagen

(tentoonstellingscatalogus). WERKEN VAN BARMHARTIGHEID, 650 jaar Alexianen in de Zuidelijke Nederlanden. Leuven - Stedelijk Museum Vander Kelen-Mertens - 1985. softcover met stofomslag, in-8°, 367pp. Arca Lovaniensis, jaarboek 1983, 12. Afbeeldingen zwart/wit - WERKEN VAN BARMHARTIGHEID, 650 jaar Alexianen in de Zuidelijke Nederlanden. Boeknummer: 2787 | Prijs: EUR 10.00 In winkelwagen

-- Ai Weiwei: Spatial Matters, Art, Architecture and Activism Tate, 2014. Paperback, 245x212mm, 512p, 450 colour illustrations, English edition, Fine copy. Including an index. ISBN: 9781849761444 Widely considered to be one of the most significant cultural figures of his generation in China and internationally, Ai weiwei successfully occupies multiple roles as a conceptual artist, architect, curator, designer, film-maker, publisher and activist. Using a variety of formal languages with both traditional and innovative methods of production, Ai links the past with the present and explores the geopolitical, economic and cultural realities affecting the world with humour and compassion.
This book, published in association with the artist, draws on the full breadth of Ai weiwei's architectural, installation and activist work, including drawings and plans from a huge range of international projects, with particular emphasis on his use of space. The publication will also include excerpts from his blog, in which his insightful commentary on the world around him comes to the fore. Throughout the book, a wide selection of essays by leading critics and art-historians, as well as interviews with the artist, draw out his central concerns.
Boeknummer: 45013 | Prijs: EUR 58.95 In winkelwagen

-- Andre Derain: Skulpturen und Zeichnungen. affiche 1989 werner Galerie, 1989. Envelop affiche for the Expostion of 1989 in Koln. Boeknummer: 29890 | Prijs: EUR 25.00 In winkelwagen

-- Anne Penders. De Chine, Collection ?« Livres d'art et de photographie ?» Lettre Volee, 2014. Paperback, 230x170mm, 224p, 93 bw illustrations, French edition, Fine copy. Including an index. ISBN: 9782873174392 Ce livre est l'aboutissement provisoire d'un projet polymorphe commence en residence aux ateliers de l'image (Marseille) et developpe ensuite en ligne a La Lettre volee (Bruxelles). il est surtout la decantation de de chine [objet numerique], une construction realisee avec antoine Fatoux, visible/lisible/ecoutable en suivant ces liens : http://dechine.makaz.net et http://residence.lettrevolee.com. L'ouvrage mele le journal de bord d'une investigation sur l'immigration chinoise a Marseille puis a Bruxelles avec des notes historiques et des photographies de l'auteur. Boeknummer: 45024 | Prijs: EUR 28.00 In winkelwagen

-- DAVID LYNCH Digital Nudes Fondation Cartier (Thames), 2021. HB, 340 x 250 mm, 240 p, 160 illustrations, English edition. ISBN: 9782869251663 The second instalment of the Lynchian saga devoted to the photographic exploration of the female body Digital Nudes brings together a corpus of previously unpublished digital images by David Lynch. It follows the aesthetics of Nudes' analogue photographs, while experimenting with the possibilities offered by digital technology. Kaleidoscopic visions of legs, arms or undefined curves, chiaroscuro portraits, photographs of varnished nails and lacquered mouths ... With 150 images, many of them published for the first time, these erotically charged photographs are an ode to femininity and attest to David Lynch's fascination with the infinite variety of the human body while also echoing his cinematographic work About the Author Filmmaker, photographer, painter, and designer, David Lynch (born in 1946) creates polymorphic and dreamlike work. Through the multiplicity of his practices, he invents a mysterious and disturbing, strange and poetic universe. Trained at the Fine Arts School in Philadelphia, he has always devoted a large part of his creative activity to the plastic arts, experimenting with all forms of creation. The Air is on Fire, his solo exhibition presented at the Fondation Cartier in 2007, astonished audiences by unveiling for the first time a vast body of work by the artist, who had previously been known mainly as a film director and author of such cult films as Blue Velvet (1986), Lost Highway (1997) and Mulholland Drive (2001) and the Twin Peaks series (1990-91; 2017). In 2021 David Lynch will start working on a new project for Netflix. Boeknummer: 57573 | Prijs: EUR 70.00 In winkelwagen

-- Everything Goes Right Sergei Sviatchenko's work Gestalten, 2012. Softcover volumes in slip case, 20.5 x 26.5 cm, 332 pages, full color, English, Fine copy. Including an index. ISBN: 9783899554601 Sergei Sviatchenko's work leaves viewers in a state of satisfied confusion. The Ukrainian-Danish artist?s intent and message might not be immediately clear or understandable, but his images still click with their viewers?like dreams. Boeknummer: 45440 | Prijs: EUR 49.90 In winkelwagen

-- FERNANDO BOTERO Voorbij de Vormen Snoeck / BAM, Mons, 2021. HB, 280 x 230 mm, 208 pages , 170 Kleurenillustraties, NL edition. ISBN: 9789461617033 Deze catalogus, die verschijnt naar aanleiding van de eerste Belgische tentoonstelling van Fernando Botero, biedt een overzicht van de volledige carrière van de Colombiaanse kunstenaar. Met zijn originele, herkenbare stijl geeft hij vorm aan de meest uiteenlopende onderwerpen en thema's, die in dit boek allemaal aan bod komen. Vijf onuitgegeven essays van internationale specialisten bieden evenveel perspectieven op het werk van Botero. Ze werpen een nieuw licht op een rijkgeschakeerd beeldrepertoire, dat nu al deel uitmaakt van onze collectieve verbeelding, maar op het eerste gezicht lijkt te ontsnappen aan de gebruikelijke codes van de moderne schilderkunst. 'Voorbij de vormen' en zonder dooddoeners maken we kennis met een oeuvre waarvan de grote vormelijke vrijheid hand in hand gaat met de beheersing van traditionele technieken. Botero's ogenschijnlijke eenvoud is het resultaat van zijn doorgedreven studie van de kunstgeschiedenis en de volkscultuur. Zijn keuze voor het figuratieve en zijn streven om een voor iedereen toegankelijk oeuvre te scheppen vloeien voort uit een niet-aflatende reflectie over de kunst van zijn tijd en haar rol in de maatschappij. Dit rijkelijk geïllustreerde boek biedt de sleutels om ten volle te kunnen genieten van Botero's unieke fluwelen vormen en kleuren - een schoonheid waarop we maar niet uitgekeken raken. Boeknummer: 57348 | Prijs: EUR 29.00 In winkelwagen

-- Identity colour codes BIS Publishers, 2014. Paperback with flaps, 210x150mm, 304p, English edition, Fine copy. Including an index. ISBN: 9789063693350 Identity Colour Codes is the 100visual result of a thorough study into corporate and social identity. Corporate identities are traditionally based on exclusiveness and their symbols are privately owned. However, in these times of social media, open source and open design, it is the more generic and public domain elements that shape social identities.
In search of the most accessible common denominator in identity, the author selected colour as the vehicle through which people easily and globally connect. This publication collects 100 of these colour-based identity codes, each labelled with a specific name, indicating the values and meanings that the colour transmits.
Boeknummer: 45061 | Prijs: EUR 29.00 In winkelwagen

-- J. M. W. Turner Aquarelles et dessins du legs Turner Watercolours and drawings from the Turner bequest - Collection from the Tate Gallery, London. ville de Charleroi, 1994. Hardcover, (40 ) 95 pages + index. Illustrated. ISBN: 907289314x Collection de la Tate Gallery, Londres / J. M. W. Turner 1775 - 1851 - Boeknummer: 48508 | Prijs: EUR 30.00 In winkelwagen

-- Jan Vanriet : Misleading Sun THESSALONIKI | GREECE, Teophano Foundation, 2022. 1. Paperback with flaps, 71 pages, ENG / GRE, in New condition, with illustrations, ***Signed and with dedication by the author***. ISBN: 9786188626003 Jan Vanriet: Misleading Sun Museum of Byzantine Culture THESSALONIKI | GREECE OCT 12, 2022 - NOV 13, 2022 The exhibition, which is organized as part of this year's awarding of the Theophano Prize, presents to the Greek public the Belgian artist and poet Jan Vanriet, who is connected to the Theophano Foundation, as he is the one who designed the award itself, which is bestowed to the awardees, a work which combines elements of Byzantine Art with those of modernism. This year the third "Empress Theophano" award focuses on Art, highlighting its role in intercultural dialogue, and the Theophano Foundation in collaboration with the Museum of Byzantine Culture are organizing an art exhibition with the aim of highlighting this very connection: the role of Art in improving of understanding the various historical interdependencies, particularly, but not only, in Europe. The works of the artist Jan Vanriet recall memories - sometimes tragic - from the multicultural history of Europe and Thessaloniki. As exhibition curator Martin German states "Vanriet's artwork [...] tackles and affirms the past, or, in other words, is a work of remembrance [...]: every memory contributes to the construction of the present, making our identity comprehensible. Thanks to the constant references to the once-upon-a-time state of things, the constant reminder of history, as a narrator through painting and drawing, Vanriet questions the conditio humana (human condition) and, weaving his own life into his work, indirectly and responsibility". Boeknummer: 61928 | Prijs: EUR 35.00 In winkelwagen

-- Juan Gris. Katalog zur Ausstellung der Orangerie des Tuileries, Paris vom 14.03 - 01.07.1974. Paris,, Editions des Musees Nationaux, 1974. Softcover,141 pages Illustrated.In French. Exhibition catalogue produced in conjunction with the exhibition 15 March-1 July 1974 at Orangerie des Tuileries. The catalogue also contains an exhibition checklist of 172 works. Boeknummer: 49489 | Prijs: EUR 10.00 In winkelwagen

-- Julia Leeb, North Korea teNeues, 2014. Hardback, 360x270mm, 224p, 160 colour illustrations, English/ French/ German edition, Fine copy. Including an index. ISBN: 9783832798437 North Korea certainly wouldn't come first on a general list of dream destinations. Nevertheless, the country exudes an eerie fascination. It is a mystery, an anonymous country isolated from the rest of the world. With two friends, photojournalist Julia Leeb made a journey to better understand the country and its people. The result is a spectacular illustrated volume that offers a riveting look at the architecture, culture, and people. The readers get to immerse themselves in an unknown world. We witness the celebrations for the 100th birthday of the country's founder Kim Il Sung and follow hundreds of North Koreans as they participate in an Arirang synchronized dance spectacle. But even the "quieter" impressions evoke emotion in the viewer Boeknummer: 45026 | Prijs: EUR 79.90 In winkelwagen

-- Masterpieces of the Kolowrat picture gallery in Rychnov nad Kn??nou Národní galerie Praha, 2009. Paperback,118 pages illustrated. ISBN: 9788070354322 The Kolowrat-Krakowsky Libsteinsky family collection in Rychnov nad Kn??nou is one of the major assemblages to have been amassed in Bohemia by members of the aristocracy. Painting collections were a typical manifestation of the central European cultural structure in the 17th and 18th centuries. The Kolowrat collection arose in the course of the 18th century. When the Picture Gallery of the Society of Patriotic Friends of Arts (the predecessor of today?s National Gallery in Prague) was established in 1796, the Kolowrats generously loaned their best Rychnov paintings to the Prague-based organisation. They remained on loan to the Picture Gallery of the Society of Patriotic Friends of Arts until 1872, after which all the paintings were returned to Rychnov Chateau. After February 1948, the art collection was nationalized, and the Kolowrats did not get it back until 1992 under the restitution law. The collection, today enriched by targeted acquisitions, consists of almost 400 paintings. The National Gallery in Prague?s selection showcases artworks testifying to the picture gallery?s character and genre composition. The exhibition contains works by Hans von Aachen, Cornelis Norbert Gysbrechts, Georg Hinz or Michael Pacher. The other paintings by Dutch, Flemish, Italian and central European masters remain on display in the chateau in Rychnov nad Kn??nou, which is open to the public. Boeknummer: 54231 | Prijs: EUR 20.00 In winkelwagen

-- MENSHEN GLEICH. DIE SUCHE NACH DEM CHRISTUSBILD. Trier, Selbstverlag des Bischoflichen Dom - und Diozesanmuseums, 1996. brochiert, 230 x 300mm., 234Z., illustriert. ISBN: 3980238571 Eine Ausstellung im Bischoflichen Dom - und Diozesanmuseum Trier aus Anlas der Hl.- Rock-Wallfahrt Mit Jesus Christus auf dem Weg 1996. Farbtafeln Abbildungen Katalog Quellenverzeichnis Anschriften der Autoren Abbildungsnachweis Boeknummer: 14744 | Prijs: EUR 50.00 In winkelwagen

-- Mien nam viet nam dat nuoc, con nguoi. Tap I. Nha xuat ban giai phong 1967. Portfolio with mounted front cover picture, two folded double pages with Russ. text, 43 plates with reproductions with descriptions in Russian and Vietnamese, 18.5 x 24.5 cm. Mien nam viet nam dat nuoc, con nguoi. Tap I. Boeknummer: 63849 | Prijs: EUR 45.00 In winkelwagen

-- Mien nam viet nam dat nuoc, con nguoi. Tap II Nha xuat ban giai phong 1967. Portfolio with mounted front cover picture, two folded double pages with Russ. text, 43 plates with reproductions with descriptions in Russian and Vietnamese, 18.5 x 24.5 cm. Boeknummer: 63848 | Prijs: EUR 45.00 In winkelwagen

-- Os Guardi da Colecção Gulbenkian de Michel Angelo Muraro Lisboa Portugal, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian 1993, 1993. Softcover, 112 paginas, Portugues, 320 x 270 mm, prima condizione, illustrazione de color. ISBN: 9789728128067 Boeknummer: 56222 | Prijs: EUR 23.50 In winkelwagen

-- PARADOX VAN DE DEENSE GOUDEN EEUW Waanders, 2021. PB, 270 x 240 mm, 80 p, 75 Kleurenillustraties. NL edition. ISBN: 9789462623446 Denemarken, eerste helft van de negentiende eeuw. Een land dat in grote crises verkeert. Een enorme brand in 1794, die het paleis Christians­borg volledig in de as legt, lijkt een periode van ramp­spoed al te voorspellen: verloren oorlogen, een mone­taire crisis, het afbrokkelen van de absolute monarchie. Ondanks - of is het: dankzij - deze problematiek bloei­en kunst, cultuur en wetenschap in deze periode als nooit tevoren. Uit de as van een land in crisis herrijst de Deense Gouden Eeuw. In dit boek wordt het begrip Deense Gouden Eeuw aan de hand van kunstwerken uit de Collectie Nivaagaard thematisch onderzocht. Met kunstenaars Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg, 'de vader van de Deense schilder­kunst', en diens studenten Christen Købke, Martinus Rørbye, Constantin Hansen en Jørgen Roed toont deze collectie een dwarsdoorsnede van Deense bloeiperio­de in de beeldende kunst. Ook een jongere generatie schilders als Johan Thomas Lundbye en Peter Christian Skovgaard is vertegenwoordigd. Expo: 23/05/2021 - 29/08/2021, Rijksmuseum Twenthe, Enschede / Kunstmuseum Pablo Picasso, Münster Boeknummer: 56942 | Prijs: EUR 21.95 In winkelwagen

-- Pruitt Early Exhibition 07.08 - 15.09.1993 Knokke Heist, Mulier Gallery, 1993. tentoonstellingscatalogus 12 pages ill. Boeknummer: 56575 | Prijs: EUR 15.00 In winkelwagen

-- SACRED PLACES judaism, christianity and islam BAI, 2014. HB, 285 x 210 mm, 192 p, throughout Kleurenillustraties
E edition. ISBN: 9789085866725
Sacred Places Sacred Books is a fascinating exhibition about three world religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Even though they are all different, they are also alike, strikingly so. We take you on an exciting journey and look at what the Sacred books and Sacred places mean for us now. The MAS offers a window onto the living tradition of the pilgrimage. Jews, Christians and Muslims feel a strong connection with their sacred places. Pilgrims make long journeys to experience divine powers. The exhibition follows their journey from their departure and visit to the shrine right through to their homecoming. Why do some places draw in people? What makes places like Jerusalem, Rome or Mecca so special? Why are the graves of the saints visited? Travel with the pilgrims through the exhibition and relive their feelings of hope, ecstasy and purification. Boeknummer: 57256 | Prijs: EUR 25.00 In winkelwagen

-- TEXTES, ETUDES, CONGRES 11 = RPM 1 Brepols - Harvey Miller, 1900. Hardcover. VIII 402 p., 8 b/w ill., 160 x 240 mm, Languages: French, Including an index. Fine copy. ISBN: 02110110200 Boeknummer: 45390 | Prijs: EUR 44.80 In winkelwagen

-- THE TROUBLE WITH WOMEN ARTISTS, Reframing the History of Art Flammarion, 2019. Hardcover, 282 x 212 mm, 160 pages, English edition. ISBN: 9782080203700 Sixty-seven female artists and their work from the sixteenth century to the present demonstrate the evolution of art through a female-empowered lens. The history of art has been forever considered, written, published, and taught by men, primarily for a male audience. For women, the mere possibility of becoming an artist?to have access to the necessary materials, to produce, exhibit, and, against all odds, succeed and sustain the activity?has been an incessant, dangerous, and exhausting fight?physically, mentally, and psychologically. The time has come to reframe the history of art in the context of the brave women who had the courage to defy all rules in order to pursue their vocation and carve out their place in the art world. This book draws the portraits of sixty-seven fascinating woman and their significant artistic achievements, from groundbreaking Renaissance painter Artemisia Gentileschi to the photography of Nan Goldin today. Tracing the painters, sculptors, photographers, and performance artists who shaped modern art, readers discover key figures and their signature works, including Mary Cassatt, Sonia Delaunay, Georgia O'Keefe, Tamara de Lempicka, Frida Kahlo, Dorothea Tanning, Leonora Carrington, Yoko Ono, Eva Hesse, Marina Abramovic, Carrie Mae Weems, and Cindy Sherman. Exploring the codes and archetypes of art history, this celebration of women in art analyzes their slow but steady achievement of artistic independence and the hard-won recognition for their creative work in a domain historically reserved for men. Boeknummer: 52964 | Prijs: EUR 30.00 In winkelwagen

A. de Visser De tweede helft gedocumenteerd. 130 teksten en documenten aangaande de beeldende kunst na 1945. Sun Uitgeverij, 2002. Geillustreerde kartonomslag, Nederlands, 541 pagina's. ISBN: 9789058750563 Pregnante citaten kruiden een tekst, geven authentieke informatie, maar versmallen tegelijkertijd de blik van de lezer - het geciteerde wordt immers uit zijn context gelicht, terwijl we geleerd hebben alles juist en vooral binnen zijn context te zien.. Aan citaten ontbreekt het De tweede helft niet - het werd er zelfs in de pers om geprezen. De auteur meende er evenwel goed aan te doen de min of meer geisoleerde uitspraken van kunstenaars en theoretici in De tweede helft gedocumenteerd terug te brengen naar hun oorsprong en ze hun context terug te geven. Zo ontstond een bundel essays, interviews, manifesten, statements, gedichten en beschouwingen, waarvan 30 teksten voor het eerst in Nederlandse vertaling- teksten die ertoe doen binnen de beeldende kunst van na 1945 Boeknummer: 52005 | Prijs: EUR 49.90 In winkelwagen

A. DEMEY, D. DE SMET, K. GOETHALS, W. NYS; DE SINT-ANTONIUSKERK TE SINT-NIKLAAS. DRIE EEUWEN SOBERE BAROK, Provinciebestuur Oost-Vlaanderen, 1996. softcover , geillustreerde kartonomslag met flappen, 140 x 210mm., 72pp., zeer mooie en uitgebreide kleurillustratie. ISBN 90 74311 19 9. De Sint-Antoniuskerk in Sint-Niklaas is in ons land een van de betere voorbeelden van een goed bewaarde, sobere barokkerk, waarvan het interieur vooral bij concertliefhebbers gekend is als een uitgelezen decor met een prachtige akoestiek. Komen aan bod: de bouwgeschiedenis van kerk en klooster, de kunstwerken, zoals de barokmeubilering en het beeldhouw- en snijwerk. Ook de rijke collectie edelsmeedwerk wordt onder de loep genomen. Nieuw. Boeknummer: 18843 | Prijs: EUR 5.00 In winkelwagen

A. Diels The Shadow of Rubens : Print Publishing in 17th-Century Antwerp. Turnhout, Brepols. Hardback, original editor's jacket, english, VIII+271 pp., 279 b/w ill., 225 x 305 mm. ISBN: 9781905375509 The Print Collection of the Royal Library of Belgium (HMPCRLB 2). This book presents resents both an overview of the print production in the 17th century Southern Low Countries and a focused approach to the work of three collaborators of Rubens. Apart from their work as painters, these artists quickly penetrated the world of prints and each dominated a specific market segment. Abraham Van Diepenbeeck was a prolific designer of individual prints and print series. Erasmus Quelinus II often drew models for book-illustrations. Cornelis Schut ran an important workshop which produced many beautiful etchings. The book explores how these artists positioned themselves in an artistic field, operating in a highly competitive field that presented both threats and new opportunities. Their oeuvre is firmly set in a European context, spanning local, regional and international markets. An analysis is made of the relation between prints as reproductions of paintings and prints as autonomous inventions. The book argues that the importance of prints as autonomous creations has been underestimated for the 17th century. The book studies the connections between the three artists and some forty professional engravers who were active in 17th-century Antwerp. Many biographical data on these engravers are presented, and more than 100 prints are published for the first time. Boeknummer: 25867 | Prijs: EUR 121.00 In winkelwagen

A. E. Perez Sanchez, D. Angulo; Madrid 1600-1650, Turnhout, Brepols, 1977. Hardback, 200 p., 410 ills., 235 x 335 mm. ISBN: 9780199210220 This volume offers new insights in Spanish art and drawings executed during the first half of the seventeenth century, belonging to the Madrid School. This corpus seeks to provide an authoritative refernce work on the relatively unknown field of Spanish Drawings. It offers the student and the collector of Spanish art and drawings highly important material which has hitherto been inaccessible. This second volume in the corpus covers Spanish Drawings executed during the first half of the seventeenth century. The 443 drawings catalogued belong to the Madrid School and are stylistically interesting in that although a strong Italian influence is apparent, the characteristic Spanish delicacy and emotive ornamentation prevail. The drawings include sketches for paintings, portraits, murals, funeral monuments and altar pieces. Languages: English. Boeknummer: 37228 | Prijs: EUR 55.00 In winkelwagen

A. Kostenevich. Impressionisme. Sensatie en Inspiratie. Favorieten uit de Hermitage. Amsterdam, De Nieuwe Kerk - Hermitage A'dam, 2012. Paperback, 265pp., 24x28cm., ills. in kleur. Nieuw. ISBN: 9789078653318 Hermitage Museum, Amsterdam Expo: 16/6/2012 - 13/1/2013 - Zouden Claude Monet, Camille Pissarro, Pierre-Auguste Renoir en Alfred Sisley hebben voorzien hoe beroemd en invloedrijk hun werk zou worden? Dat het impressionisme zou uitgroeien tot een van de meest geliefde kunststromingen aller tijden? De voortekenen waren verre van gunstig. Hun werkwijzen en opvattingen gingen regelrecht in tegen de heersende academische traditie en schokten de starre Franse kunstwereld. De kleurrijke en vaak in de openlucht geschilderde werken werden fel bekritiseerd. Een Parijse kunstcriticus sprak in 1874 spottend van 'les impressionistes'. Het werd hun geuzennaam.Dit boek brengt de impressionisten samen met hun voorgangers, tijdgenoten en navolgers. De rijke collectie van de Hermitage in St.-Petersburg biedt de gelegenheid om meesterwerken van Monet, Renoir en Pissarro te plaatsen naast werk van de gevestigde namen uit hun tijd, zoals Delacroix, Gerome en Corot, en naast dat van navolgers als Gauguin en Cezanne. Gezamenlijk geven de schilderijen, sculpturen en tekeningen een beeld van vijf decennia Franse kunst en van de impressionisten in hun tijd. Tevens schenkt het boek aandacht aan alle schilderijen die de Hermitage bezit van Vincent van Gogh. Deze werken mogen niet reizen en kunnen dus niet in Amsterdam tentoongesteld worden, maar zijn in dit boek alle afgebeeld en beschreven. Boeknummer: 36376 | Prijs: EUR 29.95 In winkelwagen

A. Massing; Harvey Miller. Painting Restoration before - La Restauration - The Origins of the Profession in France, Turnhout, Brepols, 2012. Hardback, 320 p., 240 b/w ill., 23,8 x 28. ISBN: 9781905375349 During the latter half of the eighteenth century, especially the period around and just after the French Revolution, what was happening in France in the field of painting restoration influenced all of Europe. In 1750 the museum in the Luxembourg Palace in Paris was opened to the public, and it became necessary to display to the public paintings which had been in storage for years. In the following decades King Louis XVI and his advisor, the Comte d'Angiviller, developed and enlarged the national collection of paintings. And with this came the need for painting restorers doing quality work - more than just the quick repairs as done by painters in the past - and several full-time painting restorers were employed. By the time the museum in the Louvre was opened to the public in 1793, in the midst of the French Revolution, the profession had been established. During the latter half of the eighteenth century, painting restoration techniques improved and French restorers began to travel to England and to other European countries more frequently, spreading their practical knowledge - especially about the lining and transfer of paintings. In Paris, a national concours was prepared to choose the most capable from a growing group of candidates, and in 1802 plans were drafted for a school of restoration. In this book the lives and careers of several of the more well-documented painting restorers for the French Royal Collection are traced one-by-one - including as much as possible about their restoration techniques. Languages : English. Boeknummer: 40459 | Prijs: EUR 137.50 In winkelwagen

A. R. Penck , Danièle Cohn How It Works A. R. Penck. Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther Konig 2020, 2020. softcover, 497 pages/seiten, English/Deutsch, 300x 245 mm, with/mit illustrations in color, Fine copy.,/in guten zustand, . ISBN: 9783960987895 This elaborately designed book features over two hundred of A.R. Penck's paintings, drawings and sculptures, some of them reproduced here for the first time. Together, they provide an excellent retrospective of the works of an artist who paved the way for a new concept of art in Germany after World War II. A. R. Penck - How it works is impressive proof that Penck was an artist who sought freedom and found it. Text: Danièle Cohn, Eddy Devolder, Hans Janssen, Ulf Jensen, Katharina Neuburger, A. R. Penck, Benno Tempel. Boeknummer: 55979 | Prijs: EUR 49.50 In winkelwagen

A. Stones Gothic Manuscripts: 1260-1320. Part One Brepols - Harvey Miller, 2013. Hardcover. 2 vol., 1130 p., 838 b/w ill. 77 colour ill., 230 x 330 mm, Languages: English, Including an index. Fine copy. ISBN: 9781872501956 This book traces the cultural context of book illustration, its production, owners, and makers in the various regions of France in the last third of the thirteenth and beginning of the fourteenth centuries. The period c. 1260-1320 marks the emergence and the flowering of what has come to be known as the ?courtly style? in French painting, whose dynamic vitality is manifest throughout the region we now call France. By the end of this period French art had assimilated a rich variety of regional works and styles. New texts had been introduced to a range of patrons, and patterns to be played out in the following centuries were in place. This book traces the cultural context of book illustration, its production, owners, and makers in the various regions of France in the last third of the thirteenth and beginning of the fourteenth centuries. While the royal, courtly, academic and ecclesiastical patrons were critical to the cultural and artistic production of the capital, books made in provincial centres manifest an independence and originality that can be attributed to fruitful interaction with neighbouring cultures?the linguistic, literary, and artistic traditions of England in the north and west, Navarre, Aragon, the county of Barcelona and the Kingdom of Majorca in the Pyrenean regions, and the Empire along the eastern borders, from the principalities of North Italy and the Alpine regions to Burgundy, Hainaut and Flanders. Ecclesiastical boundaries cut across political divisions, contributing different sets of allegiances that impacted upon book culture in other ways. The Provinces of Reims and Tarantaise included fiefs of Empire, while Narbonne (to 1317) encompassed dioceses in Aragon, and the Provinces of Bordeaux and Tours lay in part in lands held by the English. The religious orders and the universities offered other sets of governing structures and vehicles of influence and reception. Royal and courtly patrons took their place in this period alongside churchmen and women and layfolk from the burgeoning bourgeois class, many of whom are known from ownership notes or inventories. Yet some of the finest books of the period were made for people whose identity remains obscure. Similarly the names of craftsmen?scribes, decorators, illuminators?are often known from their signatures in the books they made or from payments and other records, yet many distinguished works are the products of anonymous creators. These years witnessed an explosition in the range of texts that were deemed worthy of illustraton, extending far beyond the usual liturgical and devotional material to include works of science, medicine, law, philosophy, history and literature in verse and prose, offering a wealth of material for comparative study which is only beginning to be exploited in modern scholarship. This book is organized according to production in regional centres based on stylistic analysis and by comparative tables of the illustration of liturgical and devotional books, and a selection of romances, legal and historical works. Part 1 comprises the Introduction, the Lists of the Producers (scribes, illuminators and decorators) and Patrons whose names are known, followed by a Catalogue of Manuscripts made in the North (Paris and the Province of Sens, Normandy, the Province of Reims). Part 2 contains the Catalogue of Manuscripts made in the East, South-East, South-West, West and Centre, followed by the Comparative Tables and Index of Manuscripts Cited. Boeknummer: 45773 | Prijs: EUR 280.00 In winkelwagen

A. V. Gunn The Prints of Paul Sandby (1731-1809): A Catalogue Raisonne The Prints of Paul Sandby Harvey Miller, 2015. Bound, cloth with dustjacket, IV+339 p., 84 b/w ill. + 444 colour ill., 300 x 240 mm.
. ISBN: 9781909400160
Born in Nottingham, Paul Sandby (1731-1809) is best known as a founder member of the Royal Academy and a prominent figure in the development of British watercolour painting. However, he was also one of the most prolific and inventive printmakers in eighteenth-century Britain. From his early years as a draughtsman for the military survey of Scotland, and later from his extensive tours throughout England and Wales, he depicted the people, towns, castles and landscapes of the nation. He provided the public with images of their country which contributed to the emerging appreciation of native landscape, to antiquarian interests, and to the development of picturesque tours within the British Isles. Although he never travelled abroad, he reproduced the work of fellow artists who had, tapping into the Grand Tour market with prints of Ionian antiquities, Neapolitan landscapes and the Roman carnival. But his work encompassed more than landscape; he could move from the pastoral humour of illustrations to Allan Ramsay?s poem The Gentle Shepherd, through the urban realism of his Cries of London to the merciless satire of his attacks on William Hogarth. From the 1740s to the 1780s he made over 380 prints: engravings, etchings, soft ground etchings and finally aquatints, a medium in which he was a pioneer. Aquatint enabled printmakers to reproduce the effects of watercolour paintings; Sandby gave the process its name and developed varied techniques which allowed the exact reproduction of the artist?s brush strokes, producing some of the most beautiful prints ever made in this medium. Boeknummer: 49495 | Prijs: EUR 165.00 In winkelwagen

A.-H. Allirot, G. Lecuppre, L. Scordia (eds.); Royautes imaginaires Actes du colloque organise par le Centre de recherche d'histoire sociale et culturelle (CHSCO) de l'universite de Paris X-Nanterre sous la direction de Colette Beaune et Henri Bresc (26 et 27 septembre 2003), Turnhout, Brepols, 2005. Paperback, IV+227 p., 24 b/w ill., 160 x 240 mm. ISBN: 9782503519166 L'imaginaire ne se reduit pas au chimerique, au non-etre. Depuis l'Antiquite, artistes, poetes et philosophes pressentent qu'il procede du desir et appartient en premier lieu au registre de l'individuel : forces pulsionnelles, messages de soi a soi, le reve et bientot la creation n'ont pas attendu le discours de la psychanalyse ou des diverses sciences de la culture pour forger leurs mondes autour de la realite partagee. Les societes a leur tour se sont lancees par cette voie dans la quete de leur identite et ont assigne a leurs mythes le soin d'exprimer leur structure. Pour autant, le lecteur s'apercevra au fil des douze communications assemblees ci-apres que les royautes evoquees ressortissent rarement du pur imaginaire et conservent jalousement un lien organique avec leur referent concret. Il conviendrait davantage de parler de la royaute comme objet d'imagination, en ce qu'elle represente le point de fixation supreme du desir. Languages : French. Boeknummer: 37365 | Prijs: EUR 53.50 In winkelwagen

A.-H. Allirot; Filles de roy de France Princesses royales, memoire de saint Louis et conscience dynastique (de 1270 a la fin du XIVe siecle), Turnhout, Brepols, 2011. Paperback, 630 p., 55 colour ill., 156 x 234 mm. ISBN: 9782503535944 Voici une histoire du sang royal au feminin. De 1270 a la fin du XIVe siecle, le statut des princesses royales en France est en cours de normalisation. Les filles du roi sont progressivement exclues du trone, des apanages et de la pairie. Mais la canonisation de Louis IX et la valorisation du lignage royal renforcent leur prestige. Elles obtiennent, sinon un patrimoine, du moins un rang specifique et la reconnaissance d?une qualite. Voici une histoire du sang royal au feminin. De 1270 a la fin du XIVe siecle, le statut des princesses royales en France est en cours de normalisation. Les filles du roi sont progressivement exclues du trone, des apanages et de la pairie. Mais la canonisation de Louis IX et la valorisation du lignage royal renforcent leur prestige. Elles obtiennent, sinon un patrimoine, du moins un rang specifique et la reconnaissance d?une qualite. Elles ont aussi un role important dans la construction de la memoire de saint Louis et dans la diffusion de son culte. Au cours de cette periode, la conscience dynastique passe par une celebration des rois defunts, mais aussi de leurs parents, hommes et femmes. C?est un domaine dans lequel la presence feminine est acceptee aux cotes de celle des princes, du fait des liens etroits entre les parentes du roi et le sacre. Languages : French. Boeknummer: 37381 | Prijs: EUR 99.00 In winkelwagen

A.-O. Poilpre, les Amis de la Bibliotheque Benedictine (eds.); L'écrit et le livre peint en Lorraine, de Saint-Mihiel à Verdun (IXe-XVe siècles) Actes du colloque de Saint-Mihiel (25-26 octobre 2010) Turnhout, Brepols, 2012. Paperback, 156 x 234 mm.Languages : French. ISBN: 9782503544304 Les manuscrits médiévaux de Lorraine, trésors du patrimoine graphique de cette région, étaient au c?ur du colloque qui s?est tenu durant l?automne 2010 à l?abbaye bénédictine de Saint-Mihiel (Meuse). Les actes présentés dans cet ouvrage portent sur une large série de productions locales et exogènes qui ont toutes pour dénominateur commun, l?histoire politique, institutionnelle, intellectuelle, spirituelle et artistique de Verdun et de l?abbaye de Saint-Mihiel au Moyen Âge. La question du livre et de l?écrit est abordée en trois volets thématiques et chronologiques allant des origines carolingiennes jusqu?aux productions enluminées du XVe siècle. Si certains documents sont bien connus, comme le traité de Verdun, d?autres demeuraient à ce jour totalement ou partiellement inédits, tels le manuscrit dit « du pseudo Athanase » (Saint-Mihiel, Bibliothèque municipale, ms Z 28) ou le graduel de Saint-Mihiel (Saint-Mihiel, Bibliothèque municipale, ms Z 73). Boeknummer: 37387 | Prijs: EUR 65.00 In winkelwagen

A.T. Woollett Ariane van Suchtelen Rubens & Brueghel Uitgeverij W Books B.V., 2006. Hardcover, 274 pagina's, Nederlands, 300 x 242 mm, met Illustraties, Mooi boek. ISBN: 9789040082856 Het is relatief onbekend dat veel Nederlandse en Vlaamse schilderijen uit de zestiende eeuw door meer dan één kunstenaar zijn gemaakt. Vaak zijn het buitengewoon fraaie kunstwerken, die hoogtepunten vormen in het oeuvre van de afzonderlijke meesters. De gezamenlijke schilderijen van de toonaangevende Antwerpse kunstenaars Jan Brueghel de Oude en Peter Paul Rubens zijn ware pronkstukken en behoren tot het beste wat op dit gebied is vervaardigd. Voor kunstliefhebbers en verzamelaars was het zeer aantrekkelijk een schilderij te verwerven, waarin het beste van deze beroemde meesters was verenigd. Rubens schilderde de figuren, terwijl Brueghel de landschappen, flora en fauna voor zijn rekening nam. De bijzondere samenwerking - Konstjuweelen, in kompagnie geordonneert en geschildert - kwam niet voor de vrije markt tot stand, maar voor een select internationaal publiek van fijnproevers. In Rubens & Brueghel - een artistieke vriendschap worden de belangrijkste gezamenlijke schilderijen bijeengebracht, zoals landschappen met mythologische onderwerpen, paradijsvoorstellingen, allegorieën en bloemen- en vruchtenkransen met Maria en kind. De schilderijen vertellen het bijzondere verhaal van de vriendschap tussen Rubens en Brueghel. Boeknummer: 54822 | Prijs: EUR 27.00 In winkelwagen

ABASTADO, CLAUDE. INTRODUCTION AU SURREALISME. Paris, Bordas, 1986. Broche, couverture d' editeur illustre en couleur, 13x22cm, 263pp. ISBN: 204157778 Boeknummer: 8049 | Prijs: EUR 13.00 In winkelwagen

Abdelkader Benali, Alexandra van Dongen CONVERSATION PIECES: THE WORLD OF BRUEGEL Kannibaal, 2018. Paperback, 96 pagina's, met illustraties. ISBN: 9789492677693 The Battle Between Carnival and Lent is a masterpiece by Pieter Bruegel the Elder (c. 1525/30-1569). Dating from 1559, the world-famous painting is rich in remarkable stories and characters. This book zooms in on the many everyday objects portrayed by Bruegel in the painting. These objects have been meticulously examined and interpreted through a contemporary gaze. Just as Bruegel's paintings served in the sixteenth century as conversation pieces among guests at dinner, so too this book presents a three-way discussion about The Battle Between Carnival and Lent. Art history (Katrien Lichtert), historic design (Alexandra van Dongen and Lucinda Timmermans) and literature (Abdelkader Benali) engage in dialogue with one another. The publication also includes an introduction by Bruegel expert Manfred Sellink and a study of the painting by curator Sabine Pénot of the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna. Boeknummer: 54327 | Prijs: EUR 24.90 In winkelwagen

Achim Gnann; Michiel C. Plomp Rafael en zijn school. Wbooks, 2012. Softcover, 255pp., 22x27.5cm., ills. in kleur, als nieuw. ISBN: 9789040007347 Rafael was een van de grootste kunstenaars van de Italiaanse Renaissance. Dit standaardwerk omvat 90 tekeningen en schilderijen van deze geniale meester, en zijn leerlingen, uit de collecties van Teylers Museum en Albertina (Wenen). Het verschijnt bij de eerste tentoonstelling van Rafaels werk in Nederland, in Teylers Museum, dat de grootste collectie tekeningen van Rafael in Nederland bezit. Boeknummer: 49950 | Prijs: EUR 14.99 In winkelwagen

ACIDINI LUCHINAT, Cristina (dir.)/SCALINI, Mario (dir.) & CHIARINI, Marco. Les Tresors des Medicis. La Florence des Medicis une ville et une cour d'Europe. Paris, Somogy, 1999. Relie, hardcover en toile noir avec emprunt d'or, sous jacquette originale d'editeur en couleurs, 27.4x22.5 cm., 224 pp., riche illustration en couleurs. ISBN: 9782850563522 Cet ouvrage presente et etudie les chefs-d'oeuvre de leurs collections, notamment les pierres dures et marbres colores ou les tableaux de Joos Van Cleve, Raphael, Bronzino, Francois Clouet, Boticelli. Ce catalogue est edite a l occasion de l exposition de la Kunsthalle der Hypo-Kulturstiftung, Munich (4 decembre 1998 - 21 fevrier 1999), du Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienne (7 mars - 6 juin 1999) et du chateau de Blois (26 juin - 24 octobre 1999). Boeknummer: 40849 | Prijs: EUR 26.00 In winkelwagen

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