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Amy Faulkner, Francis Leneghan (eds) The Age of Alfred. Rethinking English Literary Culture c. 850-950 Brepols, 2024. Hardback, 600 pages, Size:156 x 234 mm, Illustrations:18 b/w, 2 col., 5 tables b/w., Language:English. ISBN: 9782503606651 King Alfred the Great (r. 871-899) remains a key figure in English literary history. Although his reputation as a scholar who was personally responsible for the translation of a number of Latin works is no longer secure, the figure of the wise king nevertheless casts a long shadow over vernacular writing from the late ninth century through to the twelfth. This volume takes stock of recent developments and debates in the field of Alfredian scholarship and showcases new directions in research. Individual chapters consider how English authors before, during, and after Alfred's reign translated and adapted Latin works, often in innovative and imaginative ways. Other contributions provide new contexts and connections for Alfredian writing, highlighting the work of Mercian scholars and expanding the corpus beyond the works traditionally attributed to the king himself. Together, these essays force us to rethink what we mean by 'Alfredian' and to revise the literary history of the 'long ninth century'. Boeknummer: 63029 | Prijs: EUR 140.00 In winkelwagen

Andy Grundberg Crisis of the Real : Writings on Photography 1974-1989 Aperture, 1990. 1. Hardcover, 258 pages, ENG, 245 x 170 mm, dustjacket, grey linen with silver imprint, book is in very good condition, with images in b/w . ISBN: 9780893814007 Articles argue that photography has changed perceptions of the relationship of art and life and discuss the works of individual photographers...... His interpretations and critical views have helped shape a broad understanding of photography's complex roles in art and in the media. This volume is the first compilation of his work. Boeknummer: 60127 | Prijs: EUR 25.00 In winkelwagen

Avedis Krikor Sanjian, A Catalogue of Medieval Armenian Manuscripts in the United States ENG / ARM University of California Press, 1976. 1. Paperback, 863 pages, ENG / ARM(enian), 260 x 170 x 60 mm, in reasonable condition, . ISBN: 9780520095052 University of California Press, 1976-01-01. Paperback. Good. Berkeley, 1976; English and Armenian text; green paper covers; cover edges and spine faded; mild edge wear; corners bumped; bottom corner of front cover creased; large scuff on spine; 4to - over 9 3/4" to 12" tall; interior clean and unmarked; 863 pages. Additional shipping charges may need to be requested due to size or weight of book. Boeknummer: 60253 | Prijs: EUR 220.00 In winkelwagen

Barber, Charles The English Language : A Historical introduction Cambridge University Press / Canto 2000, 2000. 1. Paperback, 299 pages, ENG, 215 x 140 mm, in fine order, . ISBN: 9780521785709 Boeknummer: 58669 | Prijs: EUR 10.00 In winkelwagen

Beerbohm, Max Heroes and Heroines of Bitter Sweet Portfolio. 41 x 29.5cm. Number 193 of an edition of 900 copies. Mounted facsimile manuscript note by Max Beerbohm and five mounted colour prints each in a separate folder. Caricatures of Peggy Wood, Noel Coward, Charles B. Cochran, Ivy St. Helier and Georges Metaxa. Boeknummer: 61067 | Prijs: EUR 65.00 In winkelwagen

Beth Irwin Lewis ; George Grosz: art and politics in the Weimar Republic University of Wisconsin Press, 1971. 1. Hardcover, 328 pages, ENG, 240 x 165 x 25 mm, in very good condition, no dustjacket / cover, illustrated in b/w. ISBN: 9780299059019 George Grosz (German: born Georg Ehrenfried Groß; July 26, 1893 - July 6, 1959) was a German artist known especially for his caricatural drawings and paintings of Berlin life in the 1920s. He was a prominent member of the Berlin Dada and New Objectivity groups during the Weimar Republic. He immigrated to the United States in 1933, and became a naturalized citizen in 1938. Abandoning the style and subject matter of his earlier work, he exhibited regularly and taught for many years at the Art Students League of New York. In 1959 he returned to Berlin, where he died shortly afterwards. Boeknummer: 60425 | Prijs: EUR 35.00 In winkelwagen

BOON, Louis Paul; SUMMER IN TERMUREN, London, Dalkey Archive Press, 2006. Pictorial softcover, 150 x 230mm., 492pp. ISBN: 9781564784148 Spanning two world wars and anticipating a catastrophic future, Louis Paul Boon captures the history of the 20th century by exploring the twisted, corrupt lives of the inhabitants of one small town - a microcosm fot the changing world. Netherlandic Literature Series. Translation by Paul Vincent. Book is new. Boeknummer: 16277 | Prijs: EUR 15.00 In winkelwagen

BUYSSCHAERT JOOST. CRITERIA FOR THE CLASSIFICATION OF ENGLISH ADVERBIALS. Brussel, Paleis der Academien, 1982. Paperback, original wrappers, 26x18cm, 176pp. ISBN: 9065693211 Verhandelingen van de Koninklijke Vlaamse Academie voor Wetenschappen, Letteren en Schone Kunsten, van Belgie. Klasse der Letteren, Jaargang 44, Nr 99. Boeknummer: 2675 | Prijs: EUR 18.00 In winkelwagen

Catherine Millet ; Paul Holberton ; translation : Trista Selous Dali and Me Scheidegger & Spiess, 2008. 1. Hardcover, 184 pages, ENG, 225 x 165 x 20 mm, NEW, dustjacket, illustrated in b/w. ISBN: 9783858817112 Salvador Dalí's surrealist masterworks are admired worldwide for their eccentric metaphors. Far lesser known, though, are his fascinating writings, where he occupies himself with verve and in bewilderingly unrefined style with the human body and sexuality. The French art critic and writer Catherine Millet has studied Dalí's artistic oeuvre and his writings for years. Her essay is the expression of a very personal reading of his self-reflecting texts. This pivotal book explains Dalí's influence on his contemporary artist colleagues and reveals the narcissism, the constraints and the visual inventiveness of the most famous - and the most notorious - of the surrealists. The text is completed by rarely published photographs and paintings by Dalí and others that illustrate Millet's ideas. Boeknummer: 61585 | Prijs: EUR 8.00 In winkelwagen

Cattle, P.C. Down the road, in Belgium a volley of verse, signed + dedication Antwerp : Lloyd anversois, 1964. Original binding, paper, limited edition of 400 copies numberd; HC signed. With had written dedication of the author Cattle. Boeknummer: 50212 | Prijs: EUR 50.00 In winkelwagen

Cecil Hilton ; Monk Gould The Sixteenth-century Italian Schools : National Geography Catalogs 1987. 2 ed.. Paperback, 358 pages, ENG, 250 x 155 mm, in very good condition,. ISBN: 9780947645229 The National Gallery catalogues are among the essential reference works for an art-historical scholarship. Each picture is examined, with a discussion of subject matter, authorship, provenance and art-historical significance. This volume describes Italian schools from the 16th century. Boeknummer: 60124 | Prijs: EUR 25.00 In winkelwagen

Chambers. Chambers's readings in English Literature. London, W. and R. Chambers, 1879. Bound with gilt title on spine, 450pp., 19x12.5cm., good copy, some foxing. A collection of specimens from our best writers from the earliest times to 1860 with bigraphical notices and explanatory notes. Boeknummer: 43587 | Prijs: EUR 20.00 In winkelwagen

CLARK, John R.; THE MODERN SATIRIC GROTESQUE AND ITS TRADITIONS, Kentucky, University Press, 1991. Bound, black cloth, illustrated dustjacket, 155 x 240mm., 212pp. English ISBN: 0813117445 Deadly laughter - Satiric Gothic, Satiric Grotesque - Degrading the hero - Debunking the author - Dislocating the language - Gaming with the plot - Further Intrusion and Obstruction - Discordant Endings - Infernal Repetition - Ennui - Scatology - Cannibals - Dystopias and Machines - Entropy and Armageddon - The Death of the Humanities. Book is in excellent condition. Boeknummer: 21022 | Prijs: EUR 40.00 In winkelwagen

Colen A. A SYNTACTIC AND SEMANTIC STUDY OF ENGLISH PREDICATIVE NOMINALS. Brussel, Paleis der Academien, 1984. Bound, in-4?°, 224pp. ISBN: 9065693424 Verhandelingen van de Koninklijke Vlaamse Academie voor Wetenschappen, Letteren en Schone Kunsten, van Belgie. Klasse der Letteren, Jaargang 46, Nr 112. Boeknummer: 2676 | Prijs: EUR 20.00 In winkelwagen

COX, C. B. ( ed.)./ DYSON, A. E. (ed.). POEMS OF THIS CENTURY. Bath, The Pitman Press, 1975. Paperback, original wrappers, 14x21,5cm, 149pp. Boeknummer: 9114 | Prijs: EUR 6.00 In winkelwagen

David King ; H. Daiber ; D. Pingree World-maps for Finding the Direction and Distance to Mecca : Innovation and Tradition in Islamic Science Brill, 1999. 1. Hardcover, 638 pages, ENG, 295 x 230 x 40 mm, book is in very good condition !, dustjacket is included but in bad shape, however the book is better without it, illustrated in colour / b/w . ISBN: 9789004113671 Two remarkable Iranian world-maps were discovered in 1989 and 1995. Both are made of brass and date from 17th-century Iran. Mecca is at the centre and a highly sophisticated longitude and latitude grid enables the user to determine the direction and distance to Mecca for anywhere in the world between Andalusia and China. Prior to the discovery of these maps it was thought that such cartographic grids were conceived in Europe ca. 1910. This richly-illustrated book presents an overview of the ways in which Muslims over the centuries have determined the sacred direction towards Mecca (qibla) and then describes the two world-maps in detail. The author shows that the geographical data derives from a 15th-century Central Asian source and that the mathematics underlying the grid was developed in 9th-century Baghdad. Boeknummer: 61421 | Prijs: EUR 375.00 In winkelwagen

DAVIS, John. WALKER'S CRITICAL PRONOUNCING DICTIONARY. London/Belfast,Simms & Mintyre, 1851. Bound, half-cloth, marbled plates, 14x22,5cm, 630pp. The English language: in which the meaning of every word is clearly explained, and the sound of every syllable distinctly shown; to which are prefixed, principles of english pronociation; rules to be observed. The whole intersprersed with observations, etymological, critical, and grammatical. Boeknummer: 5229 | Prijs: EUR 25.00 In winkelwagen

DICKENS, Charles, KERSTBOOM, Antwerpen, De Vries - Brouwers. Paperback. ISBN: 9789076347332 Charles Dickens leefde het grootste deel van zijn leven in Londen. Hij had al veel korte verhalen gepubliceerd toen hij beroemd werd met The Posthumus Papers of the Pickwick Club, dat eerst als feuilleton verscheen. Daarna volgden onder meer Oliver Twist, A Tale of Two Cities en David Copperfield. Hij is beroemd geworden vanwege zijn zogenaamde Dickensiaanse karakters en om zijn zorgvuldige intriges en expressieve stijl. Het persoonlijke verhaal Een kerstboom verscheen oorspronkelijk in de Morning Chronicle in 1836. Nieuw. Boeknummer: 29993 | Prijs: EUR 10.50 In winkelwagen

Dirk Velghe PARIS SOULS : Unexpected Histories from the City of Light Hannibal Books, 2023. 1. PB+, 240 x 160 mm, 560 pages, ENG edition, illustrated, . ISBN: 9789464666403 In this book, reality always outdoes fiction and truth always outdoes myth. Get ready for a personal encounter with police inspectors and filles à la cuisse légère, Impressionists and art thieves, swindlers and bankers, poisoners and surgeons, collaborators and members of the resistance, Cubists and anarchists, painters' models and curators, terrorists and duellists, Huguenots and Catholics, criminals and executioners. In intriguing, often forgotten histories such as 'The Chanel versus Wertheimer', 'Lenin's Yellow Jersey' and 'Selling the Eiffel Tower', hundreds of Parisian souls are brought back to life behind the façades, in the passages, on the squares and along the avenues and boulevards of the City of Light In Paris Souls, the reader samples the idiosyncratic harvest of someone who, after many seasons in his favourite city, still takes delight in its fruits. Author Dirk Velghe recounts facts and stories about the unusual people and events that have coloured Paris, sometimes with paint, sometimes with blood. Histories the way only a true Parisian can tell them. Light-hearted but always drawing on thorough research, Velghe gives a completely new twist to the history of Paris. His no-nonsense prose and narrative flair make for compelling reading. Boeknummer: 62220 | Prijs: EUR 29.50 In winkelwagen

ELIOT, George. SILAS MARNER. Paris, Henri Didier, 1939. Stapled, original editor's jacket, 18.3x13.5 cm., 74 pp., illustrated in b/w. Tales from England 3rd Degree No. 29. Boeknummer: 29723 | Prijs: EUR 5.00 In winkelwagen

GOLDSMITH (Oliver) Dr. The Vicar of Wakefield. Boulogne / Paris, Letellier bookseller, 1818. Relie l'epoque, 8x14cm. 446 pages,. Leroy-Berger printer. Boeknummer: 56288 | Prijs: EUR 100.00 In winkelwagen

GOMBRICH, E.H. & WOODFIELD, Richard (edit.). THE ESSENTAIL GOMBRICH. SELECTED WRITINGS ON ART AND CULTURE. London, Phaidon, 1996. Paperback, original editor's jacket, 24.5x17.12 cm., 624 pp., illustrated in b/w. ISBN: 0714834874 This work introduces the reader to the whole range of Gombrich's thought. With his commitment to reason and tolerance, Gombrich is a true humanist, whose abiding concern is to understand and interpret our cultural heritage and its values. In this rich and illuminating collection, a wide range of fundamental issues are presented with force and clarity. Boeknummer: 34156 | Prijs: EUR 35.00 In winkelwagen

HAERINGEN, van, C.B. NETHERLANDIC LANGUAGE RESEARCH. Leiden, E.J. Brill, 1945. Original wrappers, 16x24,5cm, 108pp. Men and works in the study of Dutch. Table of contents, abbreviations, index. Boeknummer: 4412 | Prijs: EUR 7.00 In winkelwagen

HAWTHORNE, Nathaniel. TWO TALES FROM "A WONDER BOOK". Paris, Henri Didier, 1932. Stapled, original editor's jacket, 18.5x13.9 cm., 36 pp., illustrated in b/w. Tales from England 1st Degree No. 11. Boeknummer: 29728 | Prijs: EUR 7.00 In winkelwagen

Heriot, Guy, Changi Interlude: leaves from the diary of a third class internee. *** SIGNED Lewes, Sussex:, by W.E.Baxter, 1946. Original publishers cloth-covered boards, original binding of blue cloth, 120 pages, First and only edition. *** SIGNED AND INSCRIBED BY HERIOT Boeknummer: 51862 | Prijs: EUR 125.00 In winkelwagen

Irving Lavin World Art : Themes of Unity in Diversity : Acts of the XXVIth International Congress of the History of Art. Penn State University Press, 1990. 1. Hardcover, 3 Volumes; 265 + 535 + 893 = 1693 pages, In very Good condition, illustrated dustjackets, Language = 90 pct. English + partly French, Italian , German., images / illustrations in b/w. .290 x 225 x 75 mm; ISBN: 9780271006079 Under the sponsorship of the Comité International d?Histoire de l?Art (CIHA), scholars from 31 countries met in August in Washington, DC, to present papers and discuss the subject of the Congress. The CIHA was created by a group of scholars meeting in Vienna in 1873 to exchange results of research, discuss aspects of the theory of the history of art, and encourage international discourse. CIHA has since sponsored congresses at intervals of three or five years. Until now CIHA focused on European art from Constantine to the present, whereas the XXXVIth Congress, in a critical shift, encompassed the history of art from all periods and places. The seven sessions deal with broad themes that transcend cultural differences and are uniquely perceptible through the discipline of art history. Center and Periphery: Dissemination and Assimilation of Style examines the processes whereby local styles may be formed by ?dissemination? from a dominant cultural center and, conversely, those which form a cosmopolitan style by the ?assimilation? of disparate local tradition. Conceptual Designs: Diagrams and Geometric Patterns discusses form and meaning in diagrams and geometric patterns used as independent compositions or as ?incidental? ornament. The Written Word in Art and as Art explores the relationship between what is written and how it is written, and the contribution of both to an understanding of the work as a whole. The Artist is concerned with significant developments in the history of the artist?s self-consciousness. Art and Ritual examines the contribution of the study of ritual to an understanding of the form and meaning of a work of art, and vice versa. Art and National Identity in the Americas looks at the problems of regional and national self-definition in the art of North, Central, and South America, from the European conquests to the present. Preserving the World Art discusses the history and theory of conservation and restoration of works of art and their settings. Each session was chaired and its program determined by two distinguished scholars from widely divergent fiends, ensuring a broad and varied approach to the subject. Following introductory essays by the Chairs, the papers represent a selection of the best contribution by art historians as well as scholars in other disciplines. Included as well are plenary addresses by three international leaders in the field, Hermann Fillitz, André Chastel, and George Kubler. Boeknummer: 63220 | Prijs: EUR 50.00 In winkelwagen

JAMES, Henry; WASHINGTON SQUARE, London, Wordsworth, 2001. Pictorial cardboard cover in colour, 125 x 195mm., 154pp. ISBN: 9781840224276 In perfect condition. Boeknummer: 25473 | Prijs: EUR 10.00 In winkelwagen

Jeroen De Keyser, Noreen Humble, Keith Sidwell Henri Estienne : On Books LYSA Publishers, 2022. 1. Hardcover, 488 pages, English & Latin, NEW, 240 x 170 mm, rounded spine, sewn, dust jacket, reading ribbon. ISBN: 9789464447675 Henri II Estienne (1531-98) was the most outstanding member of his family?s long-lived publishing dynasty. He continued the work of his father, Robert, by publishing many unedited Greek texts and completing the Thesaurus linguae Graecae (1572), an expensive venture from which his business never fully recovered. His versatility? as publisher, scholar, corrector, lexicographer and poet ? can be seen in the paratextual material in his many editions, and in his own original works. This anthology presents a sample from Henri Estienne?s writings across his career and from different genres. These range from letters, to poetry, to essays, to his Encomium of the Frankfurt Fair. They reveal him as a remarkable scholar with an astonishing grasp of Latin and Greek literature, while highlighting also his problems both as a publisher and as a scholar. Estienne?s elaborate essays on the ancient Greek historians Xenophon and Herodotus use ancient examples to support contemporary arguments. His verses preserve a strong sense of the life of a scholar turned businessman, both at work and at play. In remarkably fluid Latin, Estienne reveals in these writings his aspiration to be worthy of his father?s legacy, his affection for family and friends, his humour, and his gripes with other scholars and publishers. Boeknummer: 59713 | Prijs: EUR 39.00 In winkelwagen

Jerry Brotton The Sale of the Late King's Goods : Charles I and his Art Collection Pan Macmillan, 2006. 1. Bound cover, 436 pages, ENG, 240 x 160 mm, in very good condition, with illustrations in colours. ISBN: 9781405041522 So wonderful and glorious a collection, that the like will never again be met with.' This is how one awed and wistful observer described King Charles' artworks. As an acquirer of paintings by Europe's great masters and patron of Rubens and Van Dyck, Charles's extravagance in amassing his collection only exacerbated the parliamentary disapproval that led to civil war and the King's own execution. After his death, one of the Commonwealth's first decrees was to sell off his treasures to raise money for the new regime. After the Restoration, one of Charles II's first resolutions was to get the collection back. Boeknummer: 59698 | Prijs: EUR 23.00 In winkelwagen

John Berger ; Tom Overton Portraits : John Berger on Artists Verso Books, 2015. 1. Hardcover, 512 pages, ENG, 240 x 160 x 50 mm, as new, in perfect condition ! illustrations in b/w. ISBN: 9781784781767 One of the world's most celebrated art writers, John Berger takes us through centuries of art in this distinctive history that will enlighten and inspire. In Portraits, Berger connects art and history in revolutionary ways, from the prehistoric paintings of the Chauvet caves to Cy Twombly's radical work. In his penetrating and singular prose, Berger presents entirely new ways of thinking about art history, and artists both canonized and obscure,from Rembrandt, to Henry Moore, Jackson Pollock to Picasso. Throughout, Berger maintains the essential connection between politics, art and the wider study of culture. A beautifully illustrated walk through many centuries of visual culture from one of the contemporary world's most incisive critical voices. Boeknummer: 60386 | Prijs: EUR 45.00 In winkelwagen

John Stephen Morrill The Oxford Illustrated History of Tudor & Stuart Britain Oxford University Press, 1996. 1. Paperback, 487 pages, ENG, 245 x 190 x 27 mm, still in very good condition, illustrated in colour / b/w. ISBN: 9780192893277 Britain under the reign of the Tudors and Stuarts was a country marked by extraordinary and dramatic change. These were the centuries of the Reformation, civil wars, and two revolutions; a time of upheaval that saw the trials and executions of two monarchs, two wives of a king, and two Archbishops of Canterbury; and a time of religious controversy that resulted in the torture or burning of hundreds of ordinary people. But this was also the time that saw an explosion of literacy and the printed word, transformations in landscapes and townscapes, new forms of wealth, new structures of power, and new forms of political participation that freed minds and broadened horizons in the generations from 1485 to 1689. In this exciting and richly illustrated new work, eighteen leading scholars explore the political, social, religious, and cultural history of this tumultuous time. From the maneuverings of rulers and powerbrokers, both religious and secular, to the profound social and cultural changes that affected the lives of ordinary men and women throughout Britain--indeed, throughout the world--The Oxford Illustrated History of Tudor and Stuart Britain offers the most authoritative history of this great age ever published. Boeknummer: 62633 | Prijs: EUR 30.00 In winkelwagen

Jonathan Brown Images and Ideas in Seventeenth-Century Spanish Painting : Princeton Essays in the Arts, 6 Princeton Univ Press, 1978. 1. Hardcover, 169 pages, ENG, 240 x 165 mm, dustjacket, black linen with goldcoloured imprint, with 55 b/w images, in good condition. ISBN: 9780691039411 Art historians have often minimized the variety and complexity of seventeenth-century Spanish painting by concentrating on individual artists and their works and by stressing discovery of new information rather than interpretation. As a consequence, the painter emerges in isolation from the forces that shaped his work. Jonathan Brown offers another approach to the subject by relating important Spanish Baroque paintings and painters to their cultural milieu. Boeknummer: 60126 | Prijs: EUR 25.00 In winkelwagen

JONES, Mansell, P. EMILE VERHAEREN. A STUDY IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF HIS ART AND IDEAS. Cardiff/London, The University of Wales Press Board/Humphrey Milford, 1926. 1st. Bound, original editor's jacket, 14x21.5 cm., 15x22.7 cm., pages vii-xx and 246 pp., photograph Emile Verhaeren in b/w. Boeknummer: 25434 | Prijs: EUR 20.00 In winkelwagen

JOYCE, James; GENS DE DUBLIN, Club Francais du Livre, 1952. Relie, toile decoree, pages de titre en noir et rouge, 135 x 210mm., 232pp., decore. Traduit de l'anglais par Eva Fernandez, Helene du Pasquier et Jacques Paul Reynaud. Preface par Valery Larbaud. Boeknummer: 16992 | Prijs: EUR 15.00 In winkelwagen

Julian Barnes The Only story 2018. 1. Bound cover, 213 pages, ENG, 225 x 145 mm, the dustjacket has a little water damage, the book itself is in new condition. ISBN: 9781787330696 The brilliant new novel from the Man Booker Prize-winning author of THE SENSE OF AN ENDING. First love has lifelong consequences, but Paul doesn?t know anything about that at nineteen. At nineteen, he?s proud of the fact his relationship flies in the face of social convention. As he grows older, the demands placed on Paul by love become far greater than he could possibly have foreseen. Boeknummer: 59696 | Prijs: EUR 14.00 In winkelwagen

Lee, Sydney. The Complete Works of William Shakespeare in forty volumes. Volume XXVI: King Henry VIII. New York, George D. Sproul, 1908. Bound, half cloth ( spine, coins), original frontispice by Cowper, F.C. b/w, 21,5x29,5cm, 155pp, Illustrateur Cowper, F.C. Numbered Edition. The University Press Shakespeare. Volume XXVI. nr. 117 from the 250 sets limited for sale in America and England, Volume XXVI. With annotations and a general introduction by Sidney Lee.With a special introduction by Edward Dowden and an original frontispice by Cowper, F.C. Boeknummer: 320 | Prijs: EUR 50.00 In winkelwagen

Liz Lochhead , Amanda Schiff , Joe Ahearne , Cyrus Shahrad , Adam Ganz Crude Metaphors : Parts 1-5 Hotshoe Books Limited, 2015. 1. Box with 5 books, 60 pages, short stories with photographs, ENG., 190 x 120 x 45 mm, All in Fine condition, . ISBN: 9780955746598 A very special limited edition collectors box of five books featuring a selection of the most renowned photographers of today, including Roger Ballen, Todd Hido, Edgar Martins, Mayumi Hosokura and Esther Teichmann. Crude Metaphors, a prominent and celebrated section of HOTSHOE magazine since 2005, brings together photography and fiction writing, pairing a photographer and a writer to produce a narrative, written in response to a chosen series of images. This beautifully designed collection of books combines these greats of photography with writers such as the National Poet for Scotland Liz Lochhead, and Joe Ahearne, director of Doctor Who and co-writer of Danny Boyle's Trance. With stories ranging from a female bounty hunter to a world of artificial intelligence and a father's suicide, readers will be taken on five compelling journeys through the words and images of ten different creators. Boeknummer: 63801 | Prijs: EUR 45.00 In winkelwagen

Mark Hussey. Virginia Woolf. A to Z. A comprehensive reference for students, teachers, and commn readers to her life, works and critical reception. New York, Facts on File, 1995. Bound, dustjacket, 452pp., 22x28.5cm., illustr. in b/w., fine condition. ISBN: 9780816030200 Boeknummer: 34659 | Prijs: EUR 15.00 In winkelwagen

MAUGHAM, W. Somerset. A WRITER'S NOTEBOOK, Heinemann, London,, 1949. Original publishers boards, No D/J. The book is in good used condition. This edition issued on first publication by The book society, in association with william Heinemann (oct 1949) reprint, 2e edition Boeknummer: 52194 | Prijs: EUR 15.00 In winkelwagen

MAUGHAM, W. Somerset. Christmas Holiday. 1939 London, William Heinemann., 1939. Original publishers boards, No DW. Blue cloth, gilt. No date [1939]. First Edition. Boeknummer: 52193 | Prijs: EUR 20.00 In winkelwagen

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