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-- Bulletin van het Koninklijk Instituut voor het Kunstpatrimonium 26: 1994/1995 / Le Bulletin de l'Institut royal du Patrimoine artistique 1994/1995. softcover, 253 pages NL/FR. Référence: 50911 | Prix: EUR 25.00 Ajouter au panier

-- BULLETIN. KONINKLIJK INSTITUUT VOOR HET KUNSTPATRIMONIUM/ INSTITUT ROYAL DU PATRIMOINE ARISTIQUE. 28 / 1999/2000 2002. softcover, 299 pages illustre. Bulletin 28 - 1999/2000 L. Masschelein-Kleiner, Editorial / Ten geleide 5 R. Donceel, L. Wouters, A. Aerts, K. Janssens, F. Adams, Ch. Fontaine-Hodiamont, Antique Glass from Khirbet Qumran. Archaeological Context and Chemical Determination 9 D. De Jonghe, Merkwaardig Textiel : de pontifikaalhandschoenen van de H. Germanus van Parijs en een linnen fragment met griffioenen : een technologisch onderzoek / Des tissus remarquables : les gants pontificaux de saint Germain de Paris et un fragment de toile de lin decore de griffons : etude technologique 41 D. Otjacques-Dustin, L. Reper (?), J. Sanyova, M. Serck-Dewaide, La Vierge a l'Enfant de la basilique Notre-Dame de Tongres / Madonna met Kind van de Onze-Lieve-Vrouwbasiliek van Tongeren 63 I. Leirens, B. Reynders, Les sculptures du portail occidental de la collegiale des Saints-Pierre-et-Guidon d'Anderlecht. Apport de l'etude technique et materielle / De beelden van het westelijke portaal van de collegiale Sint-Pieter- en Guidokerk van Anderlecht. Bijdrage van het materieel en technisch onderzoek 85 J. Jansen, Maarten Van Calster "beldesnyder tot Mechelen" (?° ca.1574 - ? 1628) / Maarten Van Calster, tailleur d'images de Malines (?° ca.1574 - ? 1628) 97 De Bekering van Sint-Bavo door Pieter Paul Rubens. Studie, onderzoek en behandeling / La Conversion de saint Bavon de Pierre-Paul Rubens. Etude, examen et traitement 123 L. Robijns, Kunsthistorische beschouwingen / Le point de vue de l'histoire de l'art 123 L. Collin, De lotgevallen van het schilderij tot vandaag / Les tribulations du tableau jusqu'a nos jours 141 D. Verloo, Traitement de l'?uvre et technique picturale / Behandeling van het werk en picturale techniek 162 J. Wouters, Laboratoriumanalysen van bindmiddelen / Les liants au laboratoire 183 H. Coenen, Henri Evenepoel en het Belgisch orientalisme van de 19de eeuw / Henri Evenepoel et l'orientalisme belge du XIXe siecle 191 Recherches de laboratoire / Laboratoriumonderzoeken J. Vynckier, Dendrochronologisch onderzoek van enkele panelen uit van Eyck's retabel van het Lam Gods / Analyse dendrochronologique de quelques panneaux du retable de l'Agneau mystique de Van Eyck 237 Selection des activites recentes / Selectie uit recente werkzaamheden I. Geelen et W. Wailliez, Ensemble sculpte et Apotres du triforium, vers 1400-1409, Hal, ch?ur de l'eglise Saint-Martin / Triforiumensemble met apostelbeelden, ca. 1400-1409, Halle, koor van de Sint-Martinuskerk 243 L. Depuydt-Elbaum, R. Ghys, Antoine Van Dyck (1599-1641), Golgotha, 1630, Gand, eglise Saint-Michel / Antoon Van Dyck (1599-1641), Golgotha, 1630, Gent, Sint-Michielskerk 251 G. Dewanckel, Chef reliquaire et chasse de saint Vincent, XIIIe, XVIIIe, XIXe siecles, Soignies, collegiale Saint-Vincent / Reliekhoofd en schrijn van Sint-Vincentius, 13de, 18de, 19de eeuw, Zinnik, collegiale Sint-Vincentius. 255 K. Housiaux, Tunique copte en lin ecru, Egypte (Akhmim), Ve-VIe siecle, Bruxelles, Musees royaux d'Art et d'Histoire / Koptische tuniek in ecru linnen, Egypte (Akhmim), 5de-6de eeuw, Brussel, Koninklijke Musea voor Kunst en Geschiedenis 259 V. Vereecken, Antependium " Abraham ", 17de eeuw, Antwerpen, Sint-Carolus Borromeuskerk / Antependium " Abraham ", XVIIe s., Anvers, eglise Saint-Charles-Borromee 263 Ch. Fontaine-Hodiamont, H. Wouters, Ensemble de sept verres gallo-romains provenant de tombes diverses, Liege, Musee d'Archeologie et d'Arts decoratifs (Musee Curtius) / Ensemble van zeven gallo-romeinse glazen uit verschillende graven, Luik, Musee d'Archeologie et d'Arts decoratifs (Musee Curtius) 267 Ch. Fontaine-Hodiamont, Calice elance a tige creuse, fin du XIVe -debut du XVe siecle, Liege, Musee d'Art religieux et d'Art mosan / Slanke kelk met hol voetstuk, einde 14de-begin 15de eeuw, Luik, Musee d'Art religieux et d'Art mosan 273 Ch. Fontaine-Hodiamont, Blason en vitrail aux armes de Bourgogne, dernier tiers du XIVe - premier tiers du XVe siecle (blason) et troisieme quart du XVIe siecle (plombs), Coxyde, Musee de l'abbaye des Dunes / Wapenschild in glasraam met de wapens van Bourgondie, laatste derde van de 14de - eerste derde van de 15de eeuw (blazoen) en midden 16de eeuw (lood), Koksijde, Museum van de Duinenabdij 277 Ch. Fontaine-Hodiamont, Masque precolombien mixteque, postclassique recent, 1200-1521, Bruxelles, Musees royaux d'Art et d'Histoire / Pre-Columbiaans masker, Mixteekse cultuur, recente postklassieke periode, 1200-1521, Brussel, Koninklijke Musea voor Kunst en Geschiedenis 285 Bibliographie du personnel et des collaborateurs de l'Institut 1999/ 2000 - Bibliografie van het personeel en van de medewerkers van het Instituut 1999/2000 291 Référence: 50913 | Prix: EUR 25.00 Ajouter au panier

A. Massing; Painting Restoration Before the Restauration. The Origins of the Profession in France, Turnhout, Brepols, 2012. Hardback, 320 p., 204 b/w ill., 240 x 280 mm. ISBN: 9781905375349 The art of painting restoration is almost as old as the art of painting itself. Accidents and time inevitably alter the appearance of a painting, and these changes begin as soon as it leaves the artist's easel. Purposeful alterations due to changes in taste have also contributed to transformations that paintings often underwent. Clearly the type of restoration procedures considered ethically acceptable have changed over the centuries. From the Renaissance until the end of the nineteenth century, European paintings were considered as two-dimensional illusions of a three-dimensional space, and any disruption to this illusion was considered as damage requiring repair. There was no acknowledgement of painting supports as an integral part of a picture; only the paint layer and the subject represented were appreciated. As a result, panels were often thinned and cradled in order to flatten the painted surface so that the image depicted could be viewed with less distraction. Supports were even considered replaceable. Total transfer of a painted surface onto a new surface was an acceptable procedure in the eighteenth century - even until the mid-twentieth century. Invisible retouching was used with the intent of returning the illusion of the painted surface to its 'original state'; the history of the work was not important. Until recent times, it was even acceptable to alter the format of a work of art to fit a frame or a space on the wall. Traditionally, if a painting was accidentally damaged or if 'adjustment' were required, a painter was entrusted with this task. In the past, the professions of painter and painting restorer overlapped, and both were trained as apprentices. Gradually the professional painting restorer appeared in Europe, and by the mid-eighteenth century, the profession was established. Earlier examples of professional restorers, especially in Italy, have been recorded while in other European countries, such as Britain, the career of the professional painting restorer began much later. During the later part of the eighteenth century in France, the painting restorers of the French Royal Collection became celebrated throughout Europe for their achievements. The political situation had an important influence on the development of the profession in France. The reigns of Francois I (1515-47), Louis XIV (1643-1715), Louis XVI (1774-93), and then the coup d'etat by Napoleon Bonaparte and the First Napoleonic Empire (1804-14) led to an increasing centralisation of the French Empire. The arts were meant to reflect the power of the state; thus Louis XIV and his political advisor and Surintendent from 1661 to 1685, Jean-Baptiste Colbert (1619-83), became the patrons of the French Academie de Peinture et Sculpture founded in 1648. A revision of the Academy's statutes in 1665 required students to submit annually drawings that focused on the heroic actions of the king. Paintings conferred status on their owner - in this instance the king and the French nation. It then became a necessity to have the paintings on display looking their best, and the skill of the French painting restorers was even used as a justification for Napoleon's policy of confiscation of works of art from all over Europe. The relationship between the French government's administration, firstly under the Ancien Regime, then under the new Republic, and the painting restorers they employed and supervised is related in this book. The manner in which changes occurred involves colourful personalities whose stories are often amusing and sometimes poignant, but above all they help us to understand the present-day situation. For during the turbulent years of the French Revolution new patterns emerged, which to a large extent remained in place in France for over two centuries. New book. Référence: 32442 | Prix: EUR 137.00 Ajouter au panier

Ad J. Meskens Between Tradition and Innovation Gregorio a San Vicente and the Flemish Jesuit Mathematics School Brill, 2021. Hardcover, 294 pages Illustrated. ISBN: 9789004414990 In Between Tradition and Innovation, Ad Meskens traces the profound influence of a group of Flemish Jesuits on the course of mathematics in the seventeenth century. Using manuscript evidence, this book argues that one of the Flemish mathematics school?s professors, Gregorio a San Vicente (1584?1667), had developed a logically sound integration method more than a decade before the Italian mathematician Bonaventura Cavalieri. Although San Vincente?s superiors refused to grant him permission to publish his results, his methods went on to influence numerous other mathematicians through his students, many of whom became famous mathematicians in their own right. By carefully tracing their careers and outlining their biographies, Meskens convincingly shows that they made a number of ground-breaking contributions to fields ranging from mathematics and mechanics to optics and architecture. Référence: 56657 | Prix: EUR 149.90 Ajouter au panier

Ad J. Meskens Between Tradition and Innovation Gregorio a San Vicente and the Flemish Jesuit Mathematics School Brill, 2021. Hardcover, 294 pages Illustrated. ISBN: 9789004414990 In Between Tradition and Innovation, Ad Meskens traces the profound influence of a group of Flemish Jesuits on the course of mathematics in the seventeenth century. Using manuscript evidence, this book argues that one of the Flemish mathematics school?s professors, Gregorio a San Vicente (1584?1667), had developed a logically sound integration method more than a decade before the Italian mathematician Bonaventura Cavalieri. Although San Vincente?s superiors refused to grant him permission to publish his results, his methods went on to influence numerous other mathematicians through his students, many of whom became famous mathematicians in their own right. By carefully tracing their careers and outlining their biographies, Meskens convincingly shows that they made a number of ground-breaking contributions to fields ranging from mathematics and mechanics to optics and architecture. Référence: 61994 | Prix: EUR 149.90 Ajouter au panier

Albert Roskam Dazzle painting: kunst als camouflage, camouflage als kunst. Rotterdam, Kunstprojecten, 1987. softcover, 80 pagina's, met illustraties, goed exemplaar. ISBN: 9071893022 Camouflage is in de Eerste Wereldoorlog voor het eerst systematisch toegepast. Het beschilderen van schepen met grillige patronen en kleuren - Dazzle Painting - had als doel de periscoopwaarneming te bemoeilijken door verwarring te stichten omtrent afstand, koers en snelheid van het waargenomen schip. Behandeld wordt ook de relatie tussen de Dazzle-ontwerpen, de Vorticisten, het Britse Cubisme en de Futuristen. Référence: 58132 | Prix: EUR 95.00 Ajouter au panier

ALEXANDRESCU, S., PARRET, H. en QUIK, T.( red.). HEMEL EN AARDE. WERELDEN VAN VERBEELDING. Amsterdam, Uitgeverij John Benjamins, 1994. Geillustreerde cover, frontispice, 17x24 cm., 280 pp. en XLIX kleurenillustraties. ISBN: 9027220891 Begeleidend boek bij de gelijknamige tentoonstelling in het Bonnefantenmuseum te Maastricht ( 23 november 1991 - 23 februari 1992 ). Référence: 1249 | Prix: EUR 25.00 Ajouter au panier

Anna Koopstra Jean Bellegambe (c. 1470-1535/36) Making, Meaning and Patronage of his Works Brepols - Harvey Miller, 2023. Hardback,Pages: 160 pages, Size:210 x 297 mm Illustrations:10 b/w, 105 col.Language(s):English. ISBN: 9782503574370 The book by Anna Koopstra about Jean Bellegambe adds an extremely careful, thorough, and beautifully produced study to the monographs on early Dutch painters. (...) More traditional art historical research?iconographic, stylistic, archival, and historiographic?is combined with modern technical research and a keen eye for drawings and graphics as visual sources for the artist. (?) The beautifully produced and clearly written book represents excellent and versatile art historical research that, through in-depth analysis of a small group of characteristic artworks, offers a new perspective on an important artist, his work and methods, as well as the impact of that distinctive body of work." Drs. Lidewij de Koekkoek (VNK, Frans Hals Museum) - Jury President - 2023 Karel van Manderprijs BIO Anna Koopstra (1980) studied art history at the University of Groningen (MA, 2004) and obtained her doctorate from the Courtauld Institute of Art (PhD, 2016). She has held curatorial positions and research fellowships at the Suermondt-Ludwig Museum (2005-08), The Metropolitan Museum of Art (Slifka interdisciplinary Fellow, 2008-10), The National Gallery (2015-17), and the Courtauld (Associate Caroline Villers Research Fellow, 2016/17). Her research focuses on the technical investigation of paintings, and in particular on the making and meaning of early Netherlandish paintings. SUMMARY Jean Bellegambe (c. 1470- 1535/36), whose career as far as we know spanned the first three decades of the sixteenth century, was a successful painter. His patrons included some of the most high-ranking clerics in the Habsburg-Burgundian Netherlands as well as members of the ruling class of Douai, the town where he lived and worked all his life. This is the first study to appear since Dehaisnes' 1890 monograph that is exclusively devoted to the artist. By reassessing primary evidence - archival documents and material evidence from the works of art themselves - it aims to highlight Bellegambe's artistic achievements. Close scrutiny of his paintings and investigation of the artist's working methods will show that Bellegambe visualised the concerns of his patrons by closely linking the physical characteristics of his works to their original imagery, function and use. This volume presents a series of five case studies of his works that were made for a monastic community, two individual clerics, a town hall and a bourgeois layman, thus providing rich evidence of patronage and audiences. The objective here is to examine how Bellegambe met the challenges posed by these commissions, and to gain further insight into the practice of a skilled artist who - rooted in a long line of craftsmanship and artistic tradition and in close collaboration with his colleagues and patrons - produced a body of highly original works. TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION CHAPTER I The Artist?s Life and Career Life Works Posthumous legacy CHAPTER II Oeuvre and Patrons The Anchin Polyptych Similar patrons, similar commissions Other works CHAPTER III Preliminary Observations on Materials and Working Methods Panels and frames Underdrawing and painting technique Technical evidence and questions of attribution Workshop CHAPTER IV Jean Bellegambe and the Convent of Flines: Reconsidering The Cellier Altarpiece Monastic reform and the convent of Flines The evolution of the composition Interpreting the iconographic program Location, audience, date CHAPTER V Clerical Devotion and the Monastic Milieu: The Diptych of the Virgin and Child with Saint Bernard and an Unidentified Cistercian Monk The Virgin and child as an object of clerical devotion The abbess as exemplar CHAPTER VI Self-Representation and Piety for the Here and the Hereafter: Abbot William of Brussels and the Triptych of the Annunciation William of Brussels as a patron Function and location CHAPTER VII Painting as a Moral Compass: Triptych of the Last Judgment The Last Judgment, the Four Last Things, and visions of heaven and hell Function and audience CHAPTER VIII Civic Duty, Charitable Giving, and the Wish to Be Commemorated: The Pottier Triptych and the Pottier Family Reviewing the archival evidence Iconography and meaning Scenes of the life of Saint Anne, demi-grisaille, and the reality of giving CONCLUSION Bibliography Référence: 62968 | Prix: EUR 100.00 Ajouter au panier

Anne Ganteführer-Trier, Uta Grosenick, Sabine Blessmann, Nannie Nieland-Weits, Aafke Boerma Kubisme Taschen, 2005. 1. Softcover, 96 pagina's, NL, 230 x 185 mm, met illustraties in kleur, over de meesters in het kubisme. ISBN: 9783822842362 Het kubisme is een stroming binnen de moderne kunst van het begin van de 20e eeuw. Het is een van de vier grote schilderstijlen in de Europese schilderkunst van de 20e eeuw. Het kubisme vierde zijn hoogtijdagen als avant-gardekunststroming in de periode van 1906 tot circa 1920 Référence: 59854 | Prix: EUR 29.95 Ajouter au panier

Anne Prof. em. Van Grevenstein,Annick Dr. Born,Catherine Fondaire,Charlotte Caspers,Christina Dr. Currie,Dominique Deneffe,Emile Gezels,Ingrid Geelen,Maximiliaan Prof. Dr. Martens,Peter Prof. Dr. Vandenabeele,Peter Vandenabeele Het Lam Gods ont(k)Leed / L'agneua mystique se devoile ! / The Ghent altarpiece revealed ! Het Lam Gods. Oost Vlaanderen, 2017. softcover, 132 pages, Illustrated. 250 mm x 210 text in NL/FR/ENG. ISBN: 9789074311786 In oktober 2016 startten restaurateurs van het Koninklijk Instituut voor het Kunstpatrimonium (KIK) in het Museum van Schone Kunsten (MSK) in Gent met de restauratie van het wereldberoemde Lam Gods veelluik. Een van de belangrijkste publieksactiviteiten hierrond is ongetwijfeld de tentoonstelling Het Lam Gods ont(k)leed! in het Provinciaal Cultuurcentrum Caermersklooster in Gent. De gelijknamige catalogus is een rijk geillustreerd drietalig werk en telt 132 pagina's. Deze uitgave is een boeiende en leerrijke ontmoeting met de geschiedenis, de iconografie, de gebruikte technieken en de verschillende onderzoeksmethoden van het meesterwerk. Het provinciebestuur kon voor deze tentoonstelling en publicatie een beroep doen op dr. Annick Born en prof. dr. Maximiliaan Martens van de UGent, prof. em. Anne Van Grevenstein-Kruse, E.H. Ludo Collin van de kathedrale kerkfabriek en Christina Ceulemans van het KIK. Référence: 50163 | Prix: EUR 22.50 Ajouter au panier

ARNAU, Frank; L'ART DES FAUSSAIRES ET LES FAUSSAIRES D'ART, Paris, Laffont, 1960. Relie, toile vert, 140 x 225mm., page de titre au vignette, 342pp. Traduit de l'allemand par Edith Vincent. Bon etat. Référence: 24749 | Prix: EUR 30.00 Ajouter au panier

AVERMAETE, ROGER Van Giotto tot de Vlaamsche expressionnisten Uitgeverij Nebe, (ca. 1937),. ing. in-8?°, 23,5 x 15,5 cm, b/w ill., orig. wrappers. Collection of short essays Giotto, Memlinc, Titian, Raphael, Durer, Rubens, Navez, De Smedt. Référence: 42161 | Prix: EUR 15.00 Ajouter au panier

B. Fransen, C. Stroo (eds.) The Ghent Altarpiece, Research and Conservation of the Exterior Brepols - Harvey Miller, 2020. Hardcover, X+430 pages ., 220 x 280 mm,. English. ISBN: 9782930054384 The outer panels of the Ghent Altarpiece had been overpainted to a considerable extent. The virtuosity of the Eyckian technique and aesthetics remained hardly visible. And yet, this had never been observed before the start of the conservation treatment. By removing the overpaint, the tonal richness and the coherent rendering of light and space once again came to the fore. Especially the suggestion of volumes and the spaciousness of the ensemble gained strength because of the virtuoso play of deep shadows and bright light accents, and not in the least because of the surprising trompe-l'oeil effect of the frames conceived as a stone framework. Or to put it in the words of the comments of one of the experts, dr. Maryan Ainsworth: The paintings live and breathe again in the time of the Van Eyck brothers. The sharp observation skills, the quick, accurate execution, the knowledge, curiosity and ingenuity about all the things that are depicted, are now unveiled after centuries. The profit for the knowledge of and further research into the essence of Eyckian aesthetics is considerable. And finally there is the discovery that the much-discussed quatrain was applied simultaneously with the polychromy of the frames: a real 'coup de foudre' in the discourse of the current art-historical research! The subtleties of the Eyckian technique could also be mapped out in more detail. How the Van Eycks managed to keep the final result and the desired effect in mind during every phase of the execution, from imprimatura to finishing touch. The artists made a statement about the art of painting, giving ?technique? as such a new prominence. The Ghent Altarpiece may be understood at some point as a major showpiece for a highly sophisticated pictorial technique. We hope that this publication of the results of the research and conservation campaign on the exterior of the altarpiece can help future researchers to ask better questions. Questions, and answers, that may produce a more balanced picture of Van Eyck's techniques, methods and materials. Table of Contents Foreword Ludo Collin Preface Hilde De Clercq, Christina Ceulemans Introduction Maximiliaan Martens, Christina Ceulemans, Ron Spronk, Anne van Grevenstein-Kruse Transformations in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries Hélène Dubois Frames and Support: Technique and Structural Treatment Jochen Ketels, Jean-Albert Glatigny, Anne-Sophie Augustyniak Paint and Polychromy: Chemical Investigation of the Overpaints Jana Sanyova, Geert Van der Snickt, H Koen Janssens, Peter Vandenabeele Conservation and Restoration Treatment The Painted Surface Livia Depuydt-Elbaum, Fran The Frames: In Search of Lost Unity Anne-Sophie Augustyniak, Laure Mortiaux The Van Eycks' Creative Process The Paintings: from (Under)drawing to the Final Touch in Paint Marie Postec, Griet Steyaert The Frames: an Exceptional Polychromy Anne-Sophie Augustyniak, Laure Mortiaux, Jana Sanyova The Authenticity of the Quatrain and the other Frame Inscriptions Susan Frances Jones, Anne-Sophie Augustyniak, Hélène Dubois Imagining the Original Display Bart Fransen, Jean-Albert Glatigny Restoring in the Public Eye Bart Devolder Epilogue: Implications and Perspectives Cyriel Stroo, Maximiliaan Martens Documentation Photography before and after Treatment Stéphane Bazzo, Jean-Luc Elias, Katrien Van Acker Inscriptions on the Exterior Susan Frances Jones, Marc H. Smith The Quatrain: a New Reconstruction Marc H. Smith, Susan Frances Jones, Anne-Sophie Augustyniak Dimensions of Frames and Supports Jochen Ketels, Jean-Albert Glatigny, Anne-Sophie Augustyniak The Ghent Altarpiece: a Bibliography Dominique Deneffe, Jeroen Reyniers Bibliography Project Participants Photographic Acknowledgements Abbreviations Index of Names Index of Works of Art Référence: 53720 | Prix: EUR 75.00 Ajouter au panier

BAL, Mieke; HET REMBRANDTEFFECT. VISIES OP KIJKEN, Utrecht, HES Uitgevers, 1987. Wit geillustreerde kartonomslag zwart/rood, 195 x 195mm., 48pp., illustratie z/w. ISBN: 9061942063 Persoonlijke gedachten over vijf schilderijen van Rembrandt. In goede staat. Référence: 27556 | Prix: EUR 15.00 Ajouter au panier

Baldwin / Ramsden. Art & Language Works 1965 - 1978 / 2007 - 2008 Knokke Heist, Mulier Gallery, 2008. Hardcover, 91 pages, Illustrated. color. . ISBN: 9789081322225 Exhibition catalogue 02.08 - 30.09.2008 Référence: 56576 | Prix: EUR 20.00 Ajouter au panier

BARTSCH, A Le peintre graveur. Nouvelle edition. 4 Vols. I-IV: Dutch (and Belgian) artists; V-XI: German artists; XII-XXI: Italian artists; XXII: Supplements. Nieuwkoop, De Graaf / Hildesheim, Olms, 1970. Gebonden, Hardcovers, Cloth, 4 vols.Small-size. reprint of the 22 vols. (Wurzburg 1920-22) of this famous standard work in reduced form: each page of the reprint containing four pages of the original. Vols. I-IV: Dutch (and Belgian) artists; V-XI: German artists; XII-XXI: Italian artists; XXII: Supplements. Référence: 51341 | Prix: EUR 250.00 Ajouter au panier

BAUMER, P. Geschichte des Breviers. Versuch einer quellenmassigen Darstellung der Entwicklung des altkirchlichen und des romischen Officiums bis auf unsere Tage. 1 e Freiburg, Herdersche Verlagshandlung., 1895. Gebunden, 5x24 cm., 640 S., in good condition !!! Référence: 27264 | Prix: EUR 85.00 Ajouter au panier

BEKAERT, Geert ; POP. HET WEZEN VAN DE KUNST, Leuven, Davidsfonds, 1966. oorspronkelijk, geillustreerde kartonomslag zwart/ rood, 125 x 190mm., 64pp., z/w illustratie. Horizonreeks nr. 2. In goede staat. scriptie over kunst Référence: 28562 | Prix: EUR 12.50 Ajouter au panier

Ben Stoltzfus Magritte and Literature, Elective Affinities. Magritte?s interarts dialog with literature The Belgian surrealist artist Rene Magritte (1898?1967) is well known for his thought-provoking and witty images that challenge the observer?s preconditioned perceptions of reality. BE -, UPL, 2014. paperback, 288 p., English. ISBN: 9789058679604 Magritte and Literature examines some of the artist's major paintings whose titles were influenced by and related to works of literature. Baudelaire's The Flowers of Evil, Goethe's Elective Affinities, and Poe's The Domain of Arnheim are representative examples of Magritte's interarts dialog with literary figures. His strategy is to paint visible thought, and this reverse ekphrasis, the opposite of a rhetorical description of a painting, undermines the written text. When he succeeds, Référence: 43735 | Prix: EUR 45.00 Ajouter au panier

Bergamini / Tavano Storia dell'arte nel friuli venezia giulia IT., chiandetti editore, 1991. softcover 562 pages Illustrated. dall'epoca romana al duecento Référence: 51367 | Prix: EUR 35.00 Ajouter au panier

BERGMANS, Anna; MIDDELEEUWSE MUURSCHILDERINGEN IN DE 19de EEUW, Leuven, Universitaire Pers/ KADOC, 1992. Gebonden, blauw geillustreerd karton, 220 x 285mm., 374pp., uitgebreide illustratie in kleur en z/w/. ISBN: 9789061868996 KADOC Artes 2. Middeleeuwse muurschilderingen horen vandaag als vanzelfsprekend bij een middeleeuws kerkgebouw. Dat was niet zo in de vroege 19de eeuw. Toen waren bijna nergens schilderingen zichtbaar. Die zaten immers meestal verborgen onder dikke verf- of kalklagen. Kort na de Belgische onafhankelijkheid in 1830 werd de monumentenzorg belangrijk in de jonge Staat en kwamen grootse restauratieprojecten op gang. Tijdens die werkzaamheden werden op veel plaatsen schilderingen ontdekt die konden rekenen op een grote belangstelling: zowel de regering en de Koninklijke Commissie voor Monumenten als de archeologische en de neogotische beweging schonken ruim aandacht aan de vondsten, elk vanuit een eigen invalshoek en motivering. Wat dacht men over deze schilderingen? Wat wist en schreef men erover? Wat deed men ermee? Werden zij gedocumenteerd? Hoe werden zij gerestaureerd en geintegreerd in het restauratieconcept van het kerkinterieur? Dit kunstboek brengt de geschiedenis van de middeleeuwse kerkbeschildering in de 19de eeuw, met bijzondere aandacht voor de helaas vaak toegepaste 'ontpleistering' van kerkinterieurs, waardoor een groot deel van de beschilderingen onherroepelijk verloren is gegaan. Hiermee wordt een nieuw hoofdstuk geschreven in de geschiedenis van de monumentenzorg. In een epiloog wordt het onderzoek getoetst aan de hedendaagse kennis en restauratieopvattingen. Tegelijk is een inventaris van de middeleeuwse muurschilderingen in Belgische kerken toegevoegd, een unieke 'status quaestionis' van een fascinerend aspect van de kunstgeschiedenis. Nieuw boek. Référence: 23457 | Prix: EUR 49.00 Ajouter au panier

Bettina Brand-Claussen |Torsten Kappenberg, Monika M.A. Jagfeld Geheim schrift de Prinzhorncollectie Museum Dr. Guislain, 2004. Softcover, 167 pagina's., 195 genummerde afbeeldingen in kleur en z/w.,. ISBN: 9789076745053 Boeken, schriften, kalenders en etc een tentoonstelling Prinzhorncollectie Référence: 51159 | Prix: EUR 69.00 Ajouter au panier

BRAEM, Renaat; ALLES OF NIETS, Brussel, Paleis der Academien, 1971. Stevige papieromslag, 175 x 260mm., 50pp., z/w illustratie. Mededelingen van de Koninklijke Academie voor Wetenschappen, Letteren en Schone Kunsten van Belgie. Klasse der Schone Kunsten - Jaargang XXXIII - 1971 - nr 1. In goede staat. Référence: 33374 | Prix: EUR 12.00 Ajouter au panier

Bridgland, Janet (ed.) Meeting ICOM Committee for Conservation. Triennial meeting, 11th, Edinburgh, Scotland, 1996 Place, publisher, year London : James and James (Science Publishers), 1996 ; VOLUME 1. only 1996. Softcover, Language(s) English, French Collation 2 v. (xiii, viii, 478 p.) ; illus., graphs ; 30 cm. ISBN: 9781873936504 Primary descriptors conservation; restoration; international committees; meetings. Language(s) Multiple languages Nature of contents Proceedings, final report of a meeting Référence: 50909 | Prix: EUR 35.00 Ajouter au panier

Bury, Michael Elam, Caroline [edit.] Warwick, Genevieve [edit.] Dethloff, Diana Baker, Christopher [edit.] Gibson-Wood, Carol Griffiths, Antony Hattori, Cordélia Lafranconi, Matteo Landau, David McDonald, Mark P. Turner, Nicholas Wood, Jeremy Collecting prints and drawings in Europe, c. 1500-1750 Ashgate , 2003. Hardcover with dusjacket, 225 pages, Illustrated. **fine!!. ISBN: 9780754600374 Collecting prints and drawings in Europe, c. 1500-1750 ; Papers of a conference held at the National Gallery in London in 1997, organized by the Burlington Magazine and sponsored by the Getty Référence: 63700 | Prix: EUR 90.00 Ajouter au panier

BUYCK, Jean F. ( inl. ); Paul Joostens - de cruciale jaren Brieven aan Jos Leonard, 1919-1925 Antwerpen, Pandora, 1995. softcover, geillustreerde papieromslag met flappen, 175 x 240mm., 325pp., z/w illustratie. ISBN: 9053250298 Cahier 2. Boeiend boek dat tegelijk een monument is voor een schrijver-kunstenaar die al te lang als curiosum is beschouwd. Hier wordt ten overvloede aangetoond dat Joostens een sleutelfiguur van zijn tijd is geweest. Boek is in goede staat. Référence: 17591 | Prix: EUR 19.50 Ajouter au panier

CABANNE, Pierre; PSYCHOLOGIE DE L'ART EROTIQUE, Paris, Somogy, 1971. Relie, toile illustree en couleurs, 160 x 230mm., 240pp., illustration abondante en couleurs et en n/b. Bon etat. Référence: 29437 | Prix: EUR 18.00 Ajouter au panier

Catalogue; ANVERS VILLE DE PLANTIN ET DE RUBENS, Paris, Bibliotheque Nationale, 1954. Broche, in-8°, 270pp.+ 24 planches. Catalogue de l Exposition. Plantiniana - Art, VG/G Référence: 2913 | Prix: EUR 10.00 Ajouter au panier

Christene d'Anca Medieval Mausoleums, Monuments, and Manuscripts. French Royal Women?s Patronage from the Twelfth to the Fourteenth Centuries Brepols, 2024. Hardback, 200 pages, Size:178 x 254 mm, Illustrations:34 b/w, Language: English. ISBN: 9782503606965 This volume is an exploration of the artistic cultural legacy of some of the most renowned medieval royal women, demonstrating their dedication to remain relevant for all time. Summary Medieval Mausoleums, Monuments, and Manuscripts: Royal Women?s Patronage from the Twelfth to the Fourteenth Centuries explores the manuscripts, monuments, and other memorabilia associated with the artistic patronage of Eleanor of Aquitaine (1122-1204), her daughters, Marie de Champagne (1145-98) and Matilda of Saxony (1156-98), as well as works generated by three queens of France, Marie de Brabant (1254-1322), Jeanne d?Évreux (1310-71), and Blanche de Navarre (1330-98). Through this study the shift in women?s artistic patronage over the centuries may be brought to light, as well as its evolution, evincing how each generation built upon the previous one. Further, despite the assorted shapes these women?s efforts embodied, ranging from manuscripts to stained glass windows, from funerary plaques, paintings, jewels and linens to monuments, mausoleums and endowments of institutions, including a variety of other forms, these women were notably unified in that their greatest output tellingly occurred during precarious points in their lives that threatened their positions, such as the potential political turmoil associated with the deaths of husbands or children. At these times their participation in acts of patronage solidified their places at court, in society, and within cultural memory while doubling as assertions of their political power and lineage. Thus, testaments, manuscript books, monuments, and memorials were not only a declaration or signs of one?s possessions, but also sites and documents that continued the politicking of the deceased. TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: Eleanor and Her Daughters: Patronage and Power Chapter 3: Marie de Brabant, Stepping into the Role of Queen: A Life-Long Journey of Patronage Surrounding Death Chapter 4: The End of the Capetian Dynasty Commemorated Through Monuments, Memorials and Manuscripts: The Patronage of Jeanne d?Évreux Chapter 5: The Currency of Queens: Reading Blanche de Navarre?s Testament as Funerary Art Chapter 6: Conclusion Bibliography Index Référence: 63068 | Prix: EUR 95.00 Ajouter au panier

Clint, Alfred Marine-, architektuur- en landschapschilderen Antwerpen :, De Distel / Maeyens , 1941. 3de druk. Oorspronkelijk uitgevers omslag, 55 pagina's 21x13cm, zwart-wit afbeeldingen. Marine-, architektuur- en landschapschilderen Référence: 63648 | Prix: EUR 15.00 Ajouter au panier

COPPENS. Christian Een Ars moriendi met etsen van Romeyn de Hooghe. Verhaal van een boekillustratie. Brussel, Paleis der Academien, 1995.**. softcover originele uitgeversomslag, 18x26cm, 291 p., 77 afb. ISBN: 9065696210 Verhandelingen van de Koninklijke Vlaamse Academie voor Wetenschappen, Letteren en Schone Kunsten van Belgie. Klasse der Schone kunsten, n?° 60. Référence: 10284 | Prix: EUR 49.50 Ajouter au panier

Curd, Mary Bryan H. Flemish and Dutch Artists in Early Modern England: Collaboration and Competition, 1460-1680 (Visual Culture in Early Modernity) Ashgate2009, 2009. Hardcover with dusjacket 236 pages, ill. ISBN: 9780754667124 By examining their production practices in a variety of genres?including manuscript illustration, glass painting and staining, tapestry manufacture, portrait painting, and engraving?this book explores how Netherlandish artists migrating to England in the early modern period overcame difficulties raised by their outsider status. This study examines, for the first time in this context, the challenges of alien status to artistic production and the effectiveness of cooperation as a countermeasure. The author demonstrates that collaboration was chief among the strategies that these foreigners chose to secure a position in London's changing art market. Curd's exploration of these collaborations primarily follows Pierre Bourdieu's model of "establishment and challenger" in which dominance in a field of cultural production depends upon how much cultural, political, and economic capital can be accumulated and the effectiveness of the strategies used to confront competition. The analysis presented here challenges received opinion that a collaborative work is only a joint effort of artists working together on a single monument by demonstrating that the participation of patrons and middlemen can also shape the final appearance of a work of art. Furthermore, this book shows that the strategic use of collaboration served the goal of competition by helping to establish foreign artists in the London art market and suggests that their coping strategies have implications for the study of immigrant behaviors today. Référence: 54548 | Prix: EUR 99.00 Ajouter au panier

D. Deneffe, D. Vanwijnsberghe (eds.) A Man of Vision. Paul Coremans and the Preservation of Cultural Heritage Brepols Publishers, 2019. softcover, 377 pages ., 230 x 290 mm,_English. ISBN: 9782930054346 Proceedings of the International Symposium Paul Coremans Held in Brussels, 15-17 June 2015 In June 2015, the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage (KIK-IRPA) organized an international symposium in honour of its founder and first director Paul Coremans (1908-1965). Exactly fifty years after his death, it was a unique opportunity to look back on his extraordinary career and the impact of his innovative ideas and vision on the conservation and restoration of works of art. His ground-breaking insights have been widely recognized in Belgium and all over the world. Paul Coremans? fields of interest were broad: the conservation of works of art in museums, preventive conservation and climate control, the protection of cultural heritage in times of war ? a highly topical issue -, as well as the status and role of the restorer, the importance of photographic documentation and scientific research, or the detection of art forgeries. Coremans? belief in the importance of an interdisciplinary approach to the study of works of art still inspires many art historians, conservator-restorers and scientists today. This book ? the Proceedings of the 2015 Brussels Symposium ? presents twenty original contributions that reveal Coremans? multi-faceted personality and action. It is the first monograph devoted to this visionary Belgian scientist and Monuments Man. Table of Contents Foreword Hilde De Clercq Director General a.i. of the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage Introduction Marie-Christine Claes et Dominique Vanwijnsberghe Part 1 An Inspiring Scientist 1 Early Museum Laboratories and the Pursuit of Objectivity Geert Vanpaemel 2 Paul Coremans (1908-1965): A Pioneer Chemist in the Application of Scientific Techniques to the Visual Arts Hendrik Deelstra and Duncan Thorburn Burns 3 Vijftig jaar 14C-dateringen aan het Koninklijk Instituut voor het Kunstpatrimonium (KIK-IRPA) te Brussel Mark Van Strydonck 4 Paul Coremans et la restructuration du Laboratoire du Musée du Louvre dans l?après-guerre Camille Bourdiel 5 The Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage: Design and Realisation of a Ground-Breaking Building Gertjan Madalijns Part 2 A Monuments Man 6 Paul Coremans, l?inventaire photographique du patrimoine artistique belge et ses relations avec l?occupant, 1940-1945 Christina Kott 7 Paul Coremans et ses actions en faveur de la sauvegarde des peintures murales Ilona Hans-Collas Part 3 Flanders in the Fifteenth Century 8 Construction of a Vision: Coremans? Approach to the Study of Flemish Primitives before the Restoration of the Adoration of the Mystic Lamb (The Ghent Altarpiece) Hélène Dubois and Dominique Deneffe 9 Le quotidien d?un idéal : l?Agneau mystique, catalyseur de l?interdisciplinarité Marie-Christine Claes, Hélène Dubois et Jana Sanyova 10 Paul Coremans, Edgar Richardson and the 1960 Flemish Art Show: A Transatlantic Friendship Forged by a Transatlantic Exhibition Yao-Fen You Part 4 The Van Meegeren Affair 11 D.G. van Beuningen?s Crusade against Paul Coremans Arjan de Koomen 12 Expertise in the Van Meegeren Case: the Contributions by Coremans, Froentjes and De Wild Arie Wallert and Michel van de Laar 13 The Amsterdam X-Rays for Coremans and Van Schendel Rick F.E.D. Hartmann Part 5 Friendships 14 Paul Coremans and Sheldon and Caroline Keck: A Collegial Friendship that Influenced the Development of Conservation Education in North America Jean D. Portell 15 Arthur van Schendel: Friend and Companion in the World of Museums and Conservation Jan Piet Filedt Kok 16 « Dear Paul | Cher Pan » Paul Coremans et Erwin Panofsky : histoire d?une amitié Dominique Vanwijnsberghe Part 6 Global Activities 17 At ICCROM?s Cradle: Paul Coremans and the Beginning of the ?Rome Centre? Stefano De Caro 18 Paul Coremans, un expert de l?UNESCO au Brésil : aperçu de sa contribution au développement du patrimoine brésilien Diogo de Souza Brito 19 Borobudur: the Alchemy of a World Heritage Site The Expert and the Student: Shared Views Nicole Gesché-Koning 20 Museum Policy Concerning the Conservation and Restoration of Artworks and the Rubens and Ensor Research Projects at the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp Karen Bonne, Elsje Janssen, Christine Van Mulders, Herwig Todts Part 7 Tributes to the ?Patron? 21 Un inoubliable meneur d?hommes Pierre Colman 22 La formation des restaurateurs Nicole Goetghebeur 23 Paul Coremans, Personal Memories Liliane Masschelein-Kleiner Bibliography Abbreviations Authors Index of Persons Photographic Credits Review "A Man of Vision: Paul Coremans and the Preservation of Cultural Heritage est un ouvrage indispensable à l?histoire de la conservation-restauration ; richement illustré et documenté, il fournit un éclairage sur une période charnière, en Belgique comme au niveau international. Bien au-delà de l?approche biographique, il permet d?appréhender les connexions, les échanges qui permettent aux disciplines de se développer, et au savoir de se construire." (Muriel Verbeeck-Boutin, CeROArt (Online), 11/2019, URL: http://journals.openedition.org/ceroart/6849) Référence: 56444 | Prix: EUR 52.50 Ajouter au panier

D. van Heesch, R. Janssen, J. Van der Stock (eds.) Netherlandish Art and Luxury Goods in Renaissance Spain Brepols - Harvey Miller, 2018. hardcover, IV+292 pages., 16 b/w ill. + 116 colour ill., 220 x 280 mm, Languages: English. FINE
. ISBN: 9781909400825
This fascinating collection of essays explores the diverse ways in which Netherlandish art and luxury goods shaped and transformed the artistic landscape of Renaissance Spain This collection of essays explores the diverse ways in which Netherlandish art and luxury goods permeated the artistic landscape of Renaissance Spain. Covering a wide range of approaches and perspectives, the book includes studies on carved altarpieces, stone sculpture, painting, tapestry, architectural design, prints and mathematical instruments. Through the lens of artists, patrons, collectors, merchants and other intermediaries, special attention is paid to local cultures of collecting and display. Together, the essays provide a fascinating and multifaceted view of the reciprocal relationships between the Low Countries and Spain from the fifteenth to the early seventeenth centuries. Daan van Heesch is a PhD Fellow in Art History at the Research Foundation - Flanders (FWO) and affiliated with Illuminare - Centre for the Study of Medieval Art (KU Leuven). His PhD research focuses on the transnational reception of Hieronymus Bosch in the early modern period. Robrecht Janssen works at the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage (KIK-IRPA) in Brussels. He is also a PhD candidate at KU Leuven with a project on the writings on art of the Bruges poet and painter Dominicus Lampsonius (1532-1599). Jan Van der Stock is a full professor at KU Leuven with research interests in the history of the printed image in the Low Countries and the socio-economic aspects of art history. He is the director of Illuminare ? Centre for the Study of Medieval Art (KU Leuven). Table of Contents Introduction ? Daan van Heesch, Robrecht Janssen and Jan Van der Stock ?Le chanoine rouge?: Tribute to an Inspired and Inspiring Master ? Paul Vandenbroeck ?As yche othere brothere?: The Human Factor within the Hispano-Flemish World ? Raymond Fagel Made in Iberia: A New Look at the Retable of Contador Saldaña in Santa Clara de Tordesillas ? Nicola Jennings Flemish Carved Altarpieces in Spain: Reflections on their Patronage and the Relationship between Flemish and Spanish Artistic Traditions ? Jesús Muñiz Petralanda, Maite Barrio Olano and Ion Berasain Salvarredi Jean Mone, Barcelona, and the Origins of the ?Netherlandish? Antique Manner ? Ethan Matt Kavaler Flemish, Spanish, or Somewhere in Between? On a Netherlandish Anonymous Draughtsman of the 1530s and his Inventions ? Krista De Jonge Trading with the Enemy: The Spanish Market for Antwerp Prints and Paintings during the Revolt ? Stephanie Porras The Plantin Book Trade and the Supply of Art Objects to the Spanish Elite ? Dirk Imhof The Duke of Alba?s Tapestry Acquisitions in the Low Countries (c. 1555?73) ? Iain Buchanan Historical Substance and Acquired Meaning of Rogier van der Weyden?s Deposition of Christ at the Court of Philip II ? Antonia Putzger Flemish Mathematical Instruments as Luxury Goods of Knowledge and their Migration to San Lorenzo de El Escorial ? Koenraad Van Cleempoel The Guevaras as Collectors of Netherlandish Art at the Spanish Court ? Elena Vázquez Dueñas Gender, Representation and Power: Female Patronage of Netherlandish Art in Renaissance Spain ? Noelia García Pérez The Dukes of Medina Sidonia and Netherlandish Art: On the Artistic Patronage of a Sixteenth-Century Iberian Court ? Eduardo Lamas-Delgado Tan universal aplauso: Communal Praise in Seventeenth-Century Madrid ? Abigail D. Newman Référence: 53573 | Prix: EUR 145.00 Ajouter au panier

DE BODT, Saskia en HELLEMANS, Frank. TAVERNE DU PASSAGE. NEDERLANDSE SCHILDERS EN SCHRIJVERS IN BELGIE. Rekkem, Ons Erfdeel, 2006. Gebonden, rood halflinnen en geillustreerde platten, 195 x 265mm., 123pp., uitgebreide kleurillustratie. ISBN: 9075862822 Dit boek vertelt over de 'passage' van Nederlandse schilders en schrijvers in Belgie. Multatuli schreef zijn Max Havelaar op de zolderkamer van een Brussels logementshuis. Lourens Tadema leerde het schildersvak in de Antwerpse Academie. Vincent van Gogh ging het woord Gods verspreiden in de Borinage. De Tachtigers ontdekten dan op hun beurt het goede leven in de Ardennen. Het zijn maar enkele voorbeelden van Nederlandse schrijvers en schilders die kortere of langere tijd in Belgie verbleven, of er passeerden, maar nooit zonder een spoor na te laten. Deze kunstenaars lieten zich in en door Belgie inspireren. Hoe anders werd hun kunst erdoor? Maar vooral: hoe werden zij zichzelf in 'het dichtste buitenland'? In perfecte staat. Référence: 27713 | Prix: EUR 24.00 Ajouter au panier

DE GRUYTER, W. JOS. BEELD EN INTERPRETATIE. Den Haag, Bert Bakker/ Daamen, 1960. Paperback , blauwe geillustreerde kartonomslag, 187 x 270 mm., 196 pp., uitgebreide z/w illustratie. In goede staat. Référence: 23206 | Prix: EUR 12.00 Ajouter au panier

DE MUNCK, Bert. TECHNOLOGIES OF LEARNING. APPRENTICESHIP IN ANTWERP GUILDS FROM THE 15th CENTURY TO THE END OF THE ANCIEN REGIME. Turnhout, Brepols, 2007. Pictorial softcover, illustrated cardboard, 175 x 250mm., 305pp., b/w illustration. ISBN: 9782503522708 The importance of training and education is on the increase. While the production of 'human capital' is seen as a motor for a competitive economy, skills and expertise proof to be necessary for social mobility. Remarkably, in conceiving modern forms of 'apprenticeship', several mechanisms from the acien regime, seem to return. The difference between public and private initiative is disappearing, education and training is being confused, and in order to acquire generic skills as flexibility, communicability, self-rule, creativity and so on, youngsters have to learn -in context-. Even for maths, scholars now talk of 'situated learning'. Before the advent of a formal schooling system, training took place on the shop floor, under the roof of a master. The apprentice not only worked but also lived in his master's house and was thus trained and educated at the same time. In cities, this system was formally complemented by an official apprenticeship system, prescribing a minimum term to serve and an obligatory masterpiece for those who wanted to become masters themselves. Traditionally, historians see this as an archaic and backward way of training, yet this book's aim is to show that is was instead a very flexible and dynamic system, perfectly in tune with the demands of an early modern economy. In order to understand it fully, however, we should differentiate the informal training system organised via a 'free market' of indentures on the one hand and the institutionalised system of craft guilds on the other. In Antwerp, early modern guilds had a project of 'emancipating' their members. They didn't simply produce certain skills, but through a system of quality marks defended the honour of craftsmen. This is the difference with current practices. By representing hands-on skills as superior, guilds supplied a sort of symbolic capital for workers. New book. Référence: 20990 | Prix: EUR 65.00 Ajouter au panier

de Ridder Andre. DE MODERNE KUNST ANDERMAAL TE VENETIE ONTDEKT. 29e BIENNALE - 1958. 30e Biennale - 1960. Brussel, Paleis der Academien, 1961. Gebrocheerd, met omslag, in-4?°, 267pp. Verhandelingen van de koninklijke vlaamse academie voor wetenschappen, letteren en schone kunsten van Belgie. Nr. 15. Référence: 2313 | Prix: EUR 20.00 Ajouter au panier

DE RYNCK, Patrick. HOW TO READ A PAINTING. DECODING, UNDERSTANDING AND ENJOYING THE OLD MASTERS. UK, Thames & Hudson, 1989. Flexi, 240x170mm,, 416 pp., 1000 col.ill., English edition. FINE CONDITION !! ISBN: 9780500512005 This illuminating, anecdotal, portable book - with 1000 gorgeous colour illustrations - helps to fill in these gaps by decoding the imagery of more than 150 of the most influential and admired artworks of all time. Covering the works of the Italian, Dutch, German and Spanish Old Masters, from 1350 to 1750 - paintings by sych artists as Giotto, Botticelli, El Greco, Bruegel, Holbein, Rubens and Vermeer - 'How To Read A Painting' helps the viewer to understand the significant details of a picture and also explains the relationship with similar imagery in other works. Référence: 23014 | Prix: EUR 20.00 Ajouter au panier

DELEN, A. J. J.; JAARBOEK VAN HET KONINKLIJK MUSEUM VOOR SCHONE KUNSTEN ANTWERPEN 1961 190ANNUAIRE DU MUSEE ROYAL DES BEAUX - ARTS ANVERS, Antwerpen, Drukkerij Exselsior, s.d.,. softcover originele uitgeversomslag, 210 x 275mm., 190pp., alle illustraties in z/w en hors - texte. Tweetalig : Nederlands - Frans. p. 5- 57 : Het schip bij Pieter Bruegel de Oude: een authenticiteitscriterium? / Smekens, Frans. - -, [c.1961] p. 59- 73 : De aanbidding der herders van Frans Floris / Velde, van de, Carl. - -, [c.1961] p. 75- 112 : L'atelier du Maître du Fils Prodigue / Marlier, Georges. - -, [c.1961] p. 113- 129 : Een drieluik van Aertgen van Leyden / Bruyn, J. - -, [c.1960] p. 131- 139 : Hendrik van der Eedt, een onbekend Antwerps schilder uit de 17e eeuw / Baudouin, Frans. - -, [c.1961] p. 141- 151 : L'Hélicon ou la visite de Minerve aux muses / Mirimonde, de, Albert P. - -, [c.1961] p. 153- 160 : Monticelli, 1824-1886 / Ripert, P. - -, [c.1961] p. 161- 173 : Administratief verslag / Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten [Antwerpen] - -, [c.1961] Référence: 46421 | Prix: EUR 13.50 Ajouter au panier

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