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Caroline Wheater A Guide to Collecting Affordable Antique Furniture Vivays Publishing Ltd 2013, 2013.. Paperback, 192 pages, English, 220 x 170 mm, lots of coloured illustrations, in fine order. Everyone needs furniture for practical reasons. So when there is so much reasonably priced new furniture available today, why bother looking at antique or vintage furniture? There are actually three very good reasons: quality, style, and thinking green! The hunt for antique furniture is actually half the fun and this guide will tell you how to go about buying items that will become part of your home. The author has included useful checklists and tips on topics such as the type of wood used in old furniture, the antiques of the future you can buy today, antique hunting hotspots and more. Special chapters cover the furniture 'top 10' with descriptions of what to look for, images of popular styles and periods as well as investment pieces that provide a stunning focal point to your home. A final chapter with an international diary of antique events rounds out this useful guide. No matter whether you are furnishing your first home, adding a special piece to your collection, or committed to the idea of buying older pieces for environmental reasons, this book is for you. EUR 24.00 Verder winkelen In winkelwagen

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