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Collectif Album Musee National Du Moyen Age-the Cluny Thermae (Anglais) RMN 2003, 2003.. Softcover, 127 pages, English, 280 x 220 mm, Fine copy., illustrated with coloured illustrations,. In the heart of the Latin Quarter, the mansion of the Cluny Order abbots houses the rich collections of the National Museum of the Middle Age. Built in the late fifteenth century, this elegant building leans against remarkably well-preserved roman baths. The perfect harmony between the monuments and the collections is one of the charms of this museum located in a medieval-style garden. Formerly the collection of connoisseur Alexandre Du Sommerard, it became an art and history museum in 1843. Presently, through its sculptures from major historic building sites of Paris, precious tapestries, and devotional objects, the museum illustrates a thousand years of European culture. World-famous masterpieces, like The Lady with the Unicorn or Emperor Henry II's altar front from the Basel cathedral, are displayed together with more humble pieces that express medieval techniques and lifestyles. EUR 19.00 Verder winkelen In winkelwagen

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